Memoir of Miracle Healing Offers Hope, Inspiration for Suffering

By Belinda RoseMemoir of Miracle - Little Girl Crying

SAINT PETERS, Mo. – For nearly forty years, author Belinda Rose fought a life-and-death battle against anorexia nervosa and depression until a Heavenly encounter silenced the demonic “Voice” of the Eating Disorder. Little Girl Crying: My life-long struggle with anorexia nervosa and the prayer that saved my life, is a memoir that’s a harrowing account of her long but triumphant struggle. The many layers of trauma hardened by childhood beatings, intense bullying over a humiliating birthmark, and devastating rape and betrayal left Belinda Rose almost defenseless against the “demon” voice that took control over her life. Near death many times, and at one point hospitalized thirteen times in eighteen months, she defied doctors who had given up on her as she clung to her childhood love for Jesus, despite what she felt was His silence. At the mercy of an illness intent on her destruction, all hope seemed gone, or was it?

Through God’s grace and a life-transforming spiritual experience she was not only healed, but her life resurrected. In this moving, and often heartbreaking, memoir of miracles and survival, against all odds, Belinda emerged victorious from her decades-long battle.

“My book is a message of hope for all who are suffering, no matter what that suffering is,” says the author. “Our God is not a has-been God, but a living God always with you, even when He is silent, and especially when you hit rock bottom. Don’t ever give up, because He is a God of miracles.”

Little Girl Crying also explores the purpose and meaning of suffering, the lessons and blessings found on the path of healing, and the mysteries of the forgiveness process. Belinda also includes ways to best love and care for someone with an eating disorder. Any reader who seeks to understand an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa from a Christian perspective will gain new insight and a deeper faith from this compelling memoir.

Mother of three sons, Belinda Rose considers herself a prayer warrior and lives outside of St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, five cocker spaniels, three cats, and Buster the parrot.

Little Girl Crying: My life-long struggle with anorexia nervosa and the prayer that saved my life is available at and other online and independent bookstores.

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