Merck says their shingles vaccine may spread shingles

By Dena Schmidt  merck-says-their-shingles

(NaturalHealth365) The world of vaccines just keeps getting more bizarre, and the reality of vaccine side effects more grim. Now, a major shingles vaccine manufacturer is admitting that their vaccine may actually cause the spread of shingles, in addition to being linked with numerous other disturbing vaccine dangers. Shingles is an extremely painful blistering skin rash caused by the herpes zoster virus. It can also be linked with chickenpox, or the varicella virus, if one had it as a child.

Shingles vaccine comes with many unwanted side effects and health warnings

Merck, maker of the Zostavax shingles vaccine, lists the spread of shingles as one of the vaccine side effects of the drug. Its warning literature also lists a number of other groups who should not receive this vaccine due to vaccine dangers.

These are the exact words – within the Merck shingles vaccine insert: “ZOSTAVAX is a live, attenuated varicella-zoster vaccine and administration may result in disseminated disease in individuals who are immunosuppressed or immunodeficient.”

Just to be clear: Anyone with a history of anaphylactic or anaphylactoid reaction to gelatin or neomycin should not receive it.  Individuals suffering from acute illness ranging from fever to tuberculosis should avoid it.  Pregnant women are not candidates for the vaccine, and all women are instructed to avoid becoming pregnant for at least three months after receiving the Zostavax shingles vaccine.

Immune compromised people are at high risk

Those who are suffering from immunosuppression or immunodeficiency are not candidates for the shingles vaccine.  Plus, we’re told that Zostavax should not be administered to anyone with a history of acquired or primary immunodeficiency states. Patients with lymphoma, leukemia or other malignant neoplasms can be at high risk for complications.  In addition, those with AIDS or conditions of the lymphatic system, bone marrow, infection, human immunodeficiency viruses, and those on immunosuppressive therapy should avoid the shingles vaccine.

Studies confirm risk of receiving shingles from the shingles vaccine

Research has determined a number of adverse reactions and negative health conditions occurring in persons who received the Zostavax vaccine. While injection-site reactions and headaches were the most common, the ZEST study showed some persons experiencing ongoing rashes, including the Herpes zoster virus – the virus associated with shingles!

The presence of varicella-like rashes was also detected in some vaccine recipients – this is the virus associated with chickenpox. Apparently, the Merck shingles vaccine, created to help people avoid getting shingles, just might give you shingles – and you’re at risk for chickenpox as well.

Vitamin C: A natural remedy for shingles

The good news is that shingles can be effectively treated with vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a unique antiviral agent that can totally eradicate the shingles virus and other viruses from the body when taken in high doses. Vitamin C accomplishes this by augmenting and supporting the immune system. While large doses are key, its antioxidant properties are extremely effective in deactivating any virus.  Vitamin C studies conducted by Frederick Klenner, MD found that shingles patients who received a 3,000 mg injection of vitamin C reported relief from their painful symptoms within just two hours.

Vitamin C can also be taken orally for shingles relief, but aggressive dosing is required.  Of course, if you’re suffering with any serious health problem – seek the help of a trusted, integrative healthcare provider for best results.

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