“My Trans Life” Show Uses A 10-Year-Old Child For The Unthinkable

By Jennifer Roberts – Mommy Underground

The LGBT agenda has penetrated society, and is poisoning our children’s minds and souls. And in the left’s new favorite show “My Trans Life”, they use a 10-year-old “transgender” child to promote the unthinkable.

Even worse, the mother of this child is behind it, and has encouraged her child to participate in horrific acts.“My Trans Life” Show

My Trans Life” is a show which seeks to normalize being “transgender”, by telling saga stories at how much happier people are when they “live the gender of their choice”, regardless of their biological sex.

One show featured “Rebekah” a 10-year-old child whose video clip starts with her boasting she’s the “scary transgender person the media warned you about”, mocking the natural concern conservatives have over the “transgender” way of life.

While the left celebrates “Rebekah’s” “transition” from a boy to a “girl”, the real story is actually quite heartbreaking. According to Barcroft TV, “Rebekah” was a sad and depressed 7-year-old boy, with “life crippling depression.”

Instead of working with their child, and perhaps seeking a family counselor to figure out what could possibly make a child as young as 7-years-old feel like their life was over, they took their little boy to a “gender specialist.” And everything went downhill from there.

After all, gender specialists thrive and make their living off of convincing families that biological sex is irrelevant, and children can choose to live whatever gender they want.

Barcroft TV reported:

With the help of a gender specialist, Rebekah was able to peel back the layers, and that’s when her family were able to discover that she wasn’t a boy who liked pink – she was a girl.

The word ‘transgender’ was explained to Rebekah one day when it came up on the Internet whilst both her and her mum were searching for gender non-conforming swimsuits.

Jamie said: “The term popped up and I took it as an opportunity and told her what it meant and it was very much an “aha!” moment. “Wow, it makes so much sense. This may be who I am.’”

Rebekah said: “The hardest part of all this was when I wasn’t transitioned and I was not happy and it didn’t feel right. “Before I became a girl, I felt unhappy.”

This mother has completely damaged her little boy. A 7-year-old boy can like the color pink, without “transitioning” to a girl. Mothers are supposed to protect their children, yet this mother bragged she introduced her child to the term “transgender.”

And now, “Rebekah” is spending her time fighting for the LGBT agenda, even though she is only 10-years-old!

LGBT activists love using children to fight their battles. Many are too cowardly to admit they are mentally ill, so instead they use children as a shield, and hide behind their innocence, as they seek to turn them over to the dark side.

And now “My Trans Life” is using “Rebekah” as a way to make it seem perfectly normal that a 10-year-old boy is perfectly happy living his life as a “girl.”

LGBT activists hope by using this story, more children will be inspired to adopt a “transgender” lifestyle.

Producers should be ashamed for using children to promote a deviant lifestyle. And even worse, when this child grows up even more confused and depressed, the mother who encouraged the entire process may even end up with blood on her hands, as it’s well known many “transgender” adults commit suicide.

But LGBT activists don’t care about this 10-year-old boy, all they care about is making money, and using children to fight their battles.

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