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Planned Parenthood drops fetal tissue fees

(WNS) – In a letter to the National Institutes of Health on Oct. 13, Planned Parenthood announced it will no longer charge for the fetal tissue it provides to researchers. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said her organization would give fetal tissue to researchers for free in order to undercut accusations that Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue “donation” program is financially motivated. “As I have stated repeatedly, the accusations leveled against Planned Parenthood are categorically false,” Richards said. “Planned Parenthood’s policies on fetal tissue donation already exceed the legal requirements. Now we’re going even further in order to take away any basis for attacking Planned Parenthood to advance an anti-abortion political agenda.” The sudden shift in policy comes as Planned Parenthood tries to defend itself from an ongoing conservative push to cut off its federal funding. A series of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress this year show Planned Parenthood employees haggling over the payments they would receive in exchange for providing organs from babies aborted in Planned Parenthood facilities.

Thousands gather in Washington to pray for revival

By J.C. Derrick

(WNS) – Musicians Keith and Kristyn Getty headlined the second annual Washington Prayer Gathering Oct. 12 as thousands of Christians converged on the National Mall. The diverse crowd met in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial and prayed prayers of repentance for personal sins, the sins of Washington, D.C., and the sins of churches. They also prayed for revival to break out in the United States. Organizers vowed to continue holding the annual event until another Great Awakening takes hold.  Vocalists and pastors delivered messages in Korean, Spanish, and English to a crowd that spilled down the steps and around the Reflecting Pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Many stood with arms lifted high, while others huddled in circles of prayer. Some lay prostrate on the steps and in the grass. The event included more than 250 churches in Washington, northern Virginia, and Maryland.

Meet the Homeschool Dad Running for Speaker

(WNS) – The first web search results for the name Daniel Webster show a famed 19th century orator who served in the U.S. Senate and twice as U.S. Secretary of State. Webster died in 1852, but now a distant relative by the same name is trying to reach a political level he never attained: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Florida Rep. Daniel Webster was the only non-leadership member of the Republican Party ready to launch a bid to replace John Boehner when he announced his retirement. Webster remains a long shot, even after the withdrawal of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the GOP’s current No. 2, but he’s carrying a message resonating in some parts of the party. “We need to push down the pyramid of power,” said the soft-spoken Webster, 66, a self-described plodder. “I’m here to transform the system.”

Warrant Issued for Teen Mania Founder

(WNS)–A Colorado court has issued an arrest warrant for Teen Mania Ministries founder Ron Luce for failing to appear at a hearing last month, according to court documents. The 4th Judicial District Court in Colorado Springs, Colo., issued the warrant on Sept. 8 (as noted on a document released by the court), the day of a show cause hearing in connection to Compassion International’s lawsuit against Teen Mania. Compassion International filed the complaint last November and is seeking a $174,124.73 judgment.

Scientists Urge Jail Time for Those who Question Climate Change

(WNS)–The government should march off to jail scientists and others who don’t support man-made global warming theories, according to 20 climate scientists from several universities and research centers. The group recently sent a letter to the White House, urging President Barack Obama to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to investigate, “corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change.”  Congress enacted the RICO Act in 1970 to fight organized crime syndicates. Those found guilty of racketeering—criminal activity designed to benefit an organization—may face prison sentences of up to 20 years and seizure of financial assets. The Justice Department used the RICO Act in 1999 to successfully prosecute major tobacco companies.

Democrats Block  20-week Abortion Ban

(WNS)–On Tuesday, Sept. 22, U.S. senators voted on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill would make abortions illegal once a baby reaches 20 weeks of fetal age. Senate Democrats blocked the measure, but pro-life lawmakers vowed to keep fighting for it. A record 54 senators—including three Democrats—voted to move forward with HR 36, a late-term abortion ban that passed the House in May. Collins and Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., joined 40 Democrats to kill the bill.  “Even if we differ on the larger abortion issue, can’t we at least agree that children at this late stage of development deserve our protection?” asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who noted the United States is only one of seven countries to allow abortion on demand after 20 weeks.  For now the answer is no.



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