Natural Health Secrets to Ending Addictions

(Part 1 – Diet Soda)


By S.D. Wells


Diet soda is an addiction that brews anxiety, fear, weight gain, irritable bowels and negativity in an acid-laden digestive system.


Natural health - Diet SodaIf you want to lose weight, eat organic raw vegetables and organic raw fruit, then drink spring water and see what happens. It’s not a prescription, or a formula, and it’s not a weight-loss craze or a pill or patch.


If you want your anxiety to dissipate and just go away for good, don’t intoxicate your central nervous system with aspartame and pesticide. Stop smoking ammonia and never drink phosphoric acid laced with artificial sweetener.


Not feeling confident today? Maybe you’ve robbed your “spirit” of its glow and flow by drinking synthetic nerve disruptor — also known as “diet soda.” You’ve been brainwashed to believe that you can eat more sugar and bad fat if you couple it all with diet drinks. Wrong!


Now you worry about what’s wrong, when all you have to do is what’s right. Take the DIE out of your “diet” and you can live healthy and find your IDEAL weight. You too can avoid ASD — Artificial Sweetener Disease.


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