Needy People

By Charlene M. RyersonNeedy People

My friend took me to the senior center today to get me signed up for meals. You can also get Farmers Market coupons if you are 50 years old or older. Everything helps these days. She was happy to be helping me because that’s just the kind of person she is. Even though she is a needy person she still helps other people who are in need. My friend always has a list of services in the community and is most generous in sharing her information with others.

The dining room was serving liver today. I love liver but my friend can’t stand it. Because there was an extra hot meal they said I could stay and eat. Usually you have to call 1-2 days in advance to make a reservation.

My mom and dad happened to be at the senior center. They come every Monday. My friend and I sat with them while we waited for lunch. She was hoping that there would be an extra salad or sandwich for her to eat. This is where it gets ridiculous. The reservationist started treating my friend rudely because she hadn’t made a previous reservation. Well neither did I. She was very nice to me but not to my friend. Instead she was nasty to her. One of the servers scolded her for even sitting at the table. The server was mean about it.

“Why is everyone being so mean to me?” My friend asked.

Now I know my friend pretty well. Sometimes her neediness can be annoying. I’ve even been rude to her in the past because of it. But the LORD convicted me of my response. He reminded me of the past when I was really needy, always begging for favors, and people found me annoying….especially Christians.

Because of what happened today I am inspired to challenge people to respond in a Godly way to needy people, no matter how irritating they may seem to us. First of all, should we be annoyed and irritated in the first place? I believe that the reason my friend is being treated rudely is because people are just tired of her always needing something from them; but what about how she reciprocates by helping others?

My friend and I went to the same church together a few years ago. She was treated rudely by some of the congregation. I was warned about her that if I start doing favors for her she will never stop asking. If you invite her out to coffee she’ll ask you to take her too many other places. I did invite her out and she did exactly what I was warned about. She eventually left the church because there was no love for her there. What a shame. I wasn’t part of the solution; I was part of the problem.

What does God say about the poor and needy and our responsibility?

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.

When I brought my friend home she was heartbroken and in tears. I called the senior center and left a message about what happened. No response yet. My friend doesn’t want to say anything or go back. But I was a witness to this inappropriate behavior so I had to say something. I’m an advocate, that’s just what I do. Please pray for my friend. So many people have been mean to her, including myself. She’s different, but that’s no excuse to persecute her. It’s our responsibility to love and help the needy, with no complaints.

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