New Book Called ‘Modern Day Pilgrim’s Progress’

By Good News Today StaffNew Book Called - Jasper

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A newly released allegorical tale, “Jasper,” by Dar Draper, is being widely heralded by teens, adults, and families. It takes the reader on a journey where a sleeping dream of a major character named Sandy is awakened and led on an adventure of becoming what she never knew she could be.

Bestselling author Robert Whitlow says, “Jasper is a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress in search of true beauty and the real essence of life. Rich language and heart truths drip from each page.”

Dar Draper is a lover of story and every creative means of telling a great one. She majored in theatre education at Appalachian State University, and has authored several children’s books and many original plays.

Says the author, “Through interactions with friends, adversaries, and terrains familiar to all people, ‘Jasper’ will lead you into the exploration of a world you have secretly longed to travel in if you have ever searched for a life of more. Join Jasper as he leads you in this quest.”

The response to this faith-based book is giving it wide acceptance. Readers say: “A treasure chest of wisdom, written under unusual inspiration.” “I could not put the book down.” “Sure to be an instant classic.” “A master storyteller.” “I want to read it again and again.” “I would classify Jasper in the category of creative brilliance.”

Dar Draper and her husband, Andrew, are currently living out their story in Davidson, NC, with their four children, Bailey Joy, Graham, Grayson, and Anna Hope.

“Jasper” is published by Press On Publishers and is available in paperback and ebook formats at Amazon, and at

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