New Christian Faces Daily Struggles in Orthodox Jewish Culture

By Voice of the Martyrs


Israel – A former Orthodox Jew who came to faith in Jesus Christ is now homeless and has little hope of finding work.


After meeting a Christian worker nine years ago, Noa gradually came to understand and believe the Gospel and recently, he placed his faith in Jesus as Saviour. His decision, however, was met with intense ridicule from his community and his family, who banished him from their home.


He is currently sleeping at a friend’s place of business while looking for work, but his options are limited. As an Orthodox Jew, Noa’s education was almost entirely focused on learning the Torah and Jewish traditions.


In addition to persecution from his family, Noa has experienced harassment from radical anti-missionary groups like Yad L’Achim.


~ Thank the Lord for revealing Himself to Noa. Ask God to mature Noa’s faith and encourage him to seek Him in this difficult season.

~ Pray that Noa will find a place to live, that his needs will be met and that he will be able to find work and/or pursue a broader education. Pray that he will be greatly supported by His new Christian family.

~ Pray the Lord will reveal the Gospel of grace to members of Noa’s family and others in the community.

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