New Worldwide Christian Television Network Takes Off Flying!

By Pamela Christian

ORANGE COUNTY, CA (ANS) — When the Lord spoke to Bishop Andrew Bills’ heart letting him know He wanted Andrew to launch a worldwide Christian television network, Bishop’s first response, understandably was, “But Lord I don’t have any money to take on a task like that.” Then, Bishop explains, the Lord replied, “But you have Me.” Given Bishop’s long-hard-won relationship with God the Father through faith in Jesus, his next response was simply, “Okay Father, I will.”

New Worldwide -logoThis exchange took place September 2014. Bishop had only two small hand-held, high definition cameras, one tripod, and a handful of people he knew he could call on. By the time I met him and the meager crew, early June 2015, the network was already broadcasting online with confirmed viewers in over 65 countries. The same day I met Bishop Bills, the Lord spoke to him again, encouraging him to ask me to be part of the team. Considering the prophetic word spoken over me for the work that I would do, when Bishop asked, I needed little time to pray before I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” With a God-given chance to help launch this major undertaking I jumped in completely, only to find that we were all helping to build the plane while we were flying it!

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” (Zech 4:10a – NLT)

The “plane” is The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network (HSBN.TV) now broadcasting in over 80 countries worldwide with plans to include satellite broadcasting very soon. Bishop has produced eight premier programs with more underway and has secured the license to broadcast many well-known trusted ministers and programs. The vision for HSBN.TV is “We are led by The Holy Spirit of God to reach the lost, disciple the saints, edify believers and equip the churches through the usage of media. This ministry endeavors to reach every household to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that all people may believe in Him by calling upon His name to be saved.” Already being in over 80 countries, is evidence that we will fulfill our God-given mandate.

You will find the entire program line-up to be biblically based, family-friendly shows, available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our Saturday lineup (which translates to another day in other parts of the world) is entirely for children. We’re delighted to be the premier broadcaster of several original shows both for children and adult viewers.

New Worldwide - InTouch-Charles-StanleyBishop has developed an innovative new model for Programmers. With a mandate from the Lord of the type programs He wants broadcast, the high cost of television production is being beat down to allow those who might never have dreamed of developing their own program, to actually do so. Costs and revenues are shared by both Programmers and The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network creating a true partnership concerning costs and revenues thereby increasing ability to promote the message.

Even though we are still operating with interns and volunteers, Bishop as the co-pilot of this plane (the Lord is the pilot), is flying us into new horizons including our first-ever live fund-raising Telethon to be produced before a studio audience, September this year, in Orange County. Christian celebrities, praise and worship bands, preachers and teachers, Christian entertainers, magicians, and comedians are all being contacted now to be a part of this exciting event.

The team or crew, has been growing impressively too. God has spoken to Bishop Bills concerning specific individuals, each of whom immediately caught the vision and bring to the mix an amazing array of talent and experience, without redundancy. Truly the Lord is orchestrating us as we jointly build this plane! Learn about out Programmers and Team Members by visiting our website.

In addition to the partnership between Programmers and The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network, funding for operations are augmented major donors and by the free-will giving of viewers. HSBN.TV has a dedicated staff ready to respond to prayer requests, questions and comments. HSBN.TV enthusiasts can reach us through any of four ways: our web site www.HSBN.TV; by phone (877) 588-1664; by email:  or; via our ground mail address, P. O. Box 6811, Orange, CA, 92863, USA.

The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network is a California, USA, religious non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Those interested in being considered as a Telethon crew member or member of the studio audience or with other interests can contact The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network at

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