Newspaper Publisher Teaches Children Their Prayers Have Power


By Good News Today StaffNewspaper - My prayers have power

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — When it comes to teaching children about prayer, some parents can find the task challenging. Usually in a child’s prayer time, you may hear them only asking for the things they desire, like a pet, or a new toy. As a parent faced with this challenge, Chida Warren-Darby, a San Diego based newspaper publisher, found herself looking for tools to make the lesson on prayer an easy one to teach. “I grew up in a Christian home as a preacher’s kid, and learned how to pray; watching my parents and following their lead during our prayer times.” As a parent with small children and the belief that you should “train a child up in the way they should go,” according to Proverbs 22:6, Chida set out to implement some training of her own, but grew frustrated with the tools available. “With two small boys, I was looking for an accompaniment to the Bible that they could understand and relate to,” she says. Unable to locate exactly what she needed, she wrote a book titled “My Prayers Have Power,” with its main character’s depiction taking after her eldest son, Kevon.

In “My Prayers Have Power,” little Kevon heeds the call of his pastor to pray for others. The book then journeys the reader through Kevon’s various petitions to God for those he knows and loves, who are in need of prayer, and concludes with pages where children can create prayer lists of their own. “My 5 and 7 year old love the illustrations, storyline and the pages where they can make their own lists,” she says. “They couldn’t wait to get their crayons and pencils out to start writing.”

“My Prayers Have Power” displays life through the eyes of a child, revealing that no prayer request is too big or too small to God. “Though they are little people, we need to understand that children’s needs are just as serious to God as our own. Children need to be taught that they too walk in the same God given authority that adults have been given, when it comes to praying and making petitions,” Chida shares. “God is our Heavenly Father, and the same way our children come to us, is the way we should go to God, also teaching our children to do the same. Overall this book was created to teach children the power of praying for and thinking about others.” Accompanied by scriptures, children are encouraged to make their petitions to God on behalf of others, as well as continuously keeping the needs of others on their minds.

To purchase a copy of “My Prayers Have Power,” visit You can also make purchases through, where the Kindle version is available (minus the interactive pages found in the print version).

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