Newt Predicts “Red Wave” In November

By Robert A


The “self-inflicted” wound, predicted by former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, by the radical wing of the Democratic Party may actually come to pass this November.

“Republicans have the chance to secure a major victory and expand their 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate in the November midterm elections, largely because Democrats are advocating radical, impractical and unpopular immigration positions,” Gingrich wrote last week in an op-ed article on Fox News.

The former speaker specifically referenced the Democrats’ embrace of sanctuary cities, open borders, and perhaps the most controversial of all… abolishing ICE.

Moreover, in a recent Harvard-Harris Poll taken in June surveying 1,448 likely voters regarding the thorny issue of immigration, the majority of Americans disagreed with how Democrats view the issue.

“The results are clear,” Gingrich wrote. “64% of registered voters said people who cross the border illegally should be sent back to their home countries. Only 36% said they should be allowed to stay. This result doesn’t significantly change when children are involved (61% to 39%).”

Newt PredictsAdditionally, an astounding 61% within the same poll said America’s border security is inadequate, while 70% wanted more government enforcement of immigration laws, which runs counter to what the leadership within the democratic party is currently advocating.

The Speaker emphasized just how important these numbers are. He stressed, “These numbers show how radical and out of sync the central planks of Democratic immigration platform truly are.” Adding, “The elite media is so biased that it is artificially propping up an increasingly radical Democratic Party, while artificially suppressing the issue popularity of the Trump team.”

Gingrich is principally known as the architect of the Republicans’ “contract with America” that became the bedrock for conservative principles at the time and was rooted within 3-core precepts: “accountability, responsibility, and opportunity.”

The Speaker suggests that the GOP should ignore the media-buzz of the far left and concentrate on the key issue of immigration on the campaign trail – especially highlighting national security issues.

He also called the movement to abolish ICE “loony” and said Republicans should stress the agency’s importance in combating the opioid epidemic and their war against major drug cartels: “These are winning positions. The Democrats cannot win on these issues if Republicans have the courage to ignore the elite media and focus on the American people.”

However, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has not yet endorsed the abolish ICE bill, which every Senate Democrat has already signed onto.

Perhaps Pelosi is having second thoughts on a bill crafted by Democrats that would eliminate all border and immigration enforcement laws, almost guaranteeing an upsurge in mass border crossings and violent crimes – well before the November elections.

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