Noah, Told Entirely Through Colorful Pictures

By Janey DeMeo
noah-front-coverVISTA, CA (ANS) — If you are fed up with children’s Bible story books that use catchy narrative but which deviate from the biblical text – or if you like books with lots of colorful illustrations – then here’s a book that just might fit the bill: Mark Ludy’s Noah, A Wordless Picture Book (Plough Publishing House).

The sensational story of Noah is a favorite among children and adults alike. Hey, what is not to like about hundreds of animals, a scary flood, a humongous boat, and the first rainbow?

Sadly though, many versions of the Noah story ignore many essential elements of the biblical narrative. Some-the recent Noah film for one-deform the story altogether.

In his Noah book, Mark Ludy invites us to wrap our imaginations around the original, biblical Noah story-through pictures.

30 double-sided glossy pages of colorful illustrations bring us into a world that we could imagine to be similar to Noah’s world. Contrary to Hollywood’s portrayal, Ludy’s artwork depicts a loving, God-fearing family who enjoy God’s creation – and a patriarch who seeks to implement God’s precise architectural design for the ark.

However, although the illustrations are delightfully detailed, not everyone will appreciate the comic book style, which mirrors Asian graphics.

The large book dons a colorful hard-back cover without the overlaid paper cover (a blessing when you think of how often kids can’t resist the temptation to tear those paper overlay covers).

Mark Ludy’s Noah works for both adults and children. Makes a great coffee-table book, a gift, or stocking stuffer, for an extra-large stocking. Listed at around $20, this book is a bargain.

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