Now You Can Buy Your Abortion In A Vending Machine

By Jennifer Roberts – Mommy UndergroundNow You Can

Pro-aborts are cheering for joy at the latest advance to slaughter more innocent lives. And if you thought things in the abortion world couldn’t get any worse, this latest ploy makes abortion available with the push of a button. Even worse, you won’t believe the location of these “abortion on demand” vending machines.

As previously reported, abortion is a horrific act which takes the life of an unborn baby, while wounding the mother emotionally, and even physically in some cases. Abortion advocates long to lure scared young girls into Planned Parenthood, even at the expense of covering up sexual assault. Often, young girls are the ones targeted hardest by the pro-abort crew. And if buying the abortion pill online wasn’t bad enough, now college students can simply buy an abortion in a vending machine.

Yes, this is really happening, right here in America. As simple as buying a candy bar, a woman can now purchase a pill that will murder the life of her unborn baby. And this isn’t happening in some sketchy part of the world. It’s happening at the “prestigious” Yale University.

Yale News reports: A new 24/7 “wellness to-go” vending machine will soon sell emergency contraception, as well as other over-the-counter medications, condoms and lube. The machine will be installed in Silliman’s Good Life Center before winter break.

The point of this is to make Plan B more accessible and to make medications in general more accessible,” said Ileana Valdez ’21, a Yale College Council representative who spearheaded the installation effort.

Hopefully this will set a precedent for more machines to show up around campus that contain other things so Yale students don’t have to go out of their way to go to CVS, especially students from the new colleges.”

Emergency contraception helps to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or birth control failure. Grace Cheung ’21, who first proposed the idea of a Plan B vending machine last fall, emphasized that unprotected sex frequently occurs on campus and purchasing emergency contraception can be an inconvenient and “humiliating process.”

Instead of teaching college students to cherish their purity until marriage, they are encouraging promiscuity. Young women should be taught to respect their bodies, not have casual unprotected sex with the “security” of just walking to a vending machine and buying a pill to cover up their mess. This pill teaches women it’s okay to be sexually active, because a “magic pill” will help take care of the problem, and make sure a baby doesn’t get the chance to grow.

Truly, there is a war for the hearts and souls of our young girls. And now more than ever, mothers must teach their daughters the value of purity, and the value of human life. Abortion is never the answer. If a woman does have unprotected sex and becomes pregnant, adoption is always a viable option.

Women need to know they have choices, but Yale has made the “convenience” of an abortion as simple as buying a diet coke from a vending machine.

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