Ordinary kindness brings extraordinary return

By Rob HolmesOrdinary Kindness - Johnny Bobbitt Jr.

(WNS)–Living homeless on the streets of Philadelphia didn’t stop Johnny Bobbitt Jr. from acting as the Marine he was trained to be. The veteran used his last $20 to help motorist Kate McClure when she ran out of gas at an Interstate 95 exit last month.

Bobbitt came across McClure that night near where he panhandled and directed her to stay locked in the car while he went to buy gas. He paid because she had no cash and returned to help her on her way. McClure marveled at the kindness a homeless person had shown her and started a GoFundMe project hoping “to get him first and last month’s rent at an apartment, a reliable vehicle, and 4-6 months’ worth of expenses.”

Since then, McClure has made periodic visits to Bobbitt to bring him food and other assistance. Little did she realize a month after first meeting him she would be handing her Samaritan more than $400,000. Her organized plea on Bobbitt’s behalf garnered contributions from more than 14,000 people, many of whom gave just $5 or $10 donations.

McClure, of Florence Township, N.J., updated her “Pay it Forward” project to say Bobbitt has received enough money to buy a home, a computer, and a 1999 Ford Ranger; open two investment trust accounts; and pay for financial and legal help.

This is a well-thought-out plan … to give Johnny the means to acclimate back into a ‘normal’ life and also to protect him and ensure he has a bright future,” McClure wrote.

Bobbitt also plans to donate to the organizations that helped him while he was homeless.

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