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COVID-19 has affected America and our culture in a variety of ways but what concerns me most is how it has affected the ‘Religious Freedom’ guaranteed us by the 1st Amendment. This is certainly a very challenging time for the Church of Jesus Christ and a time for which we need great discernment. I have no special ‘word’ from the Lord but, like all you who are steeped in ‘Biblical Truth’ and have a ‘Biblical Worldview,’ the handwriting on the wall is becoming increasingly clear.


There are far more questions about the future of religious freedom than there are answers. But I think we all can agree that we are at a pivotal point here in Rhode Island (and MA). When Grocery Stores, Walmarts and even Abortion Clinics have more rights than the Church we are heading for some serious trouble ahead. Mike Stenhouse, the Executive Director of the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity feels the same way. They are working together with the Flanders Legal Center for Freedom to defend the constitutional rights of Churches and people of faith in Rhode Island.


They would like to bring a suit against the state to free up Churches and what they need are plaintiff’s consisting of pastors and parishioners to do that. This is an opportunity for any who feel strongly that our First Amendment rights are being violated and are in jeopardy beyond this crisis. Please pray about it and let me know if this is something you would want to be a part of.

FYI – I live in RI and most of my congregation are RI’ers but my Church is on the RI line and technically, in Massachusetts. In 2016 the infamous ‘Bathroom Bill’ was passed in MA. My church along with 3 others were plaintiffs in a suit directed at the Attorney General of MA that resulted in all Churches in MA being exempt from the Bathroom Bill.  Ultimately, we never had to go to court. In that case, taking a stand was all it took. Let’s, PRAY much and take this to the Lord together.


God’s Best to You,

Pastor Dave Aucoin

RI-Family Policy Council




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