Plain speak…


Here in America, it should be plain enough that the Obama movement will continue to do anything it can to “fundamentally change” our great republic and the way it does business, socially, economically and internationally. Worse yet, they’re no longer afraid to hide their Socialist leanings, complete with an army of ignorant university types and their indoctrinated adolescent worshipers, who see only the picture of Donald Trump (and the world), painted for them by a complicit press.Plain speak

As for the Euro criers who whine incessantly about Trump’s “arrogance”, well their shores and meadows are consecrated with the blood of more than 1.7 million dead and wounded American soldiers who paid the price for polished political tones, absent bold truth and action.

All things considered, (especially the results lately), I’m good with a little plain speak…

Fred Comella

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