Politics aside…Harmony Women’s Care

By Fred Comella

There’s plenty of politics to be had concerning the issue of abortion in this country today. And it’s no coincidence that I’m writing this article on the 50th anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision. But that’s not what I want to convey to the good readers of the GNT. No, this article is about Jesus Christ, moving in the hearts of those who choose to be part of the solution and not the problem. It’s about changing hearts and minds. It’s about life, and those who serve with only a desire to promote, support and sustain that life. It’s about the life He gave us, and the fundamental right to live it.

Qualifier: Like every issue that tugs at our hearts today, be it abortion, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, human trafficking, the list goes on and on. All have a common thread, that being the question of, what to do about it. I think, it starts with Christ and the truth. For the faithful called to action, those two components are the quintessential beginning of an answer to that question.

So, who are these folks who provide support and comfort for those who may be pregnant and in crisis, or who might just be another voice or direction, someone to help them pull from the heart what they know is already there? Who are these disciples of the Word, who understand without ambiguity, that the Gospel compels them to do more than just talk? Who are these faithful workers, who understand Jesus’s call to serve and not be served, to act and not seek credit, and to leave debate to the debaters? Well, “Harmony Women’s Care”, (you will remember them by way of earlier GNT articles, as CareNet-RI), would be a good place to start.

When it comes to standing in the gap and applying the Gospel to what is most certainly the defining and life changing event in a woman’s walk, the professionals at Harmony are the real deal. From their website – “Harmony Women’s Care (formerly CareNet-RI) has been serving the women and men of Rhode Island for over 32 years. Our goal is to offer women facing unplanned pregnancies the support and information they need to change their fear into confidence. We believe that strong, confident women make healthy choices for themselves and their families”. I believe that last sentence says it all…

Executive Director of Harmony Women’s Care Rachel Nguyen

When I spoke to Harmony’s Director, Rachel Nguyen this past weekend, she reminded me right out of the gate, that abortion is a matter of the heart, and that spiritual transformation, and not worldly transformation is the only real answer. Thus our short conversation revolved pretty exclusively around Harmony’s mission, growth, and God’s blessing on those efforts. I say short conversation, because Rachel is also a big believer in partnering with like-minded ministries for the greater good, and Harmony’s 3-year goal of reducing abortions by 10%, and 10 year marker for cutting them in half in Rhode Island. So needless to say, she is always on the clock if you will, busy interacting with colleagues and supporters from numerous agencies and organizations, to further the mission of Harmony.

As I’m sure you know if you’ve been following along with The GNT, Rachel started with CareNet-RI as a volunteer back in 2006 and became the Executive Director in 2009, 14 years of faithful service to the community. She has recently overseen Harmony’s successful move to a new and larger location in Providence, in order to provide additional services to meet a growing need. She explained her philosophy of narrowing the focus to simply providing everything needed in that critical moment of decision, free of the politics, and all while taking the opportunity to share the Gospel with patients. Rachel told me that many of Harmony’s patients, (and their families), come to the Lord as they receive the professional consultation and care they need. What better time could there be to bring the love and blessings of Christ upon a family.

Regrettably, (and this is not political, but rather simply a fact), with the recent Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision in the Supreme Court, which reversed Roe V. Wade, Rachel believes Rhode Island, and other states where Roe was championed, will become sort of “sanctuary states”, where women will come from other more restrictive regions, seeking abortions. For this reason, she also believes Harmony and other organizations will see their numbers of patients increase dramatically, thus the need for a larger facility and additional staff. But we’ll touch on that as we close.

I also asked Rachel about something that I’ve always wondered. Despite what we hear in media these days, there is a father involved, (sorry, that slipped out). And you don’t hear a lot about fathers who may be in the picture as well as part of the decision-making process. Rachel was quick to point out that Harmony has resources for fathers as well. Obviously the medical aspects are exclusive to mom, but Harmony gets dad pointed in the right direction too. They also provide post abortion classes for Women and couples who are struggling through an incredibly difficult time.

So, in the challenging times ahead, Rachel and her team are sure to have a heavy workload. Nevertheless, God will bring the fight to the enemy when it comes to life. It will not be easy. It never is. But with Harmony gearing up for the growth they are already seeing, I feel good about the outcome. I asked Rachel about what she most wanted the message to be today, and she told me simply, prayer. She sounded so full of the Holy Spirit when she told me how grateful she was to all those who held up Harmony and her team in prayer these past years, and how much of difference it has made. She reiterated the ongoing and critical need for that very same faith focus moving forward.

Maureen with twins

Before we closed, we talked a bit about what Harmony’s growth meant to her staff, and the need now to hire additional professionals. Nurses, Sonographers, Patient Advocates, all are needed and she has several positions to be filled. Those who are reading this article today, and who may be interested in this rewarding avenue, may send a cover letter to office@harmonycareri.org. Don’t forget the “ri” at the end. You may also request additional information at info@harmonycareri.org . Check out their website as well, https://harmonycareri.org for some insight into the services provided, or to see how you can support this incredible organization by volunteering and donation. Oh, www.harmonyfriends.org is another resource to learn about Harmony’s events and fundraising drives, like one I’m particularly fond of, the “Baby Bottle” drive. You may also want to consider using the Amazon charity option to have a portion of your sales go to the charity of your choice, in this case, Harmony.

So you see my faithful friends, in the end it’s about service. As I let Rachel go to her busy weekend schedule, we talked about what it truly meant to serve, and that while there will always be a political component to the issue of abortion, those lives that hang in the balance are dependent not on our political commentary, so much as they are on our Lord’s call to action. So be that intercedent. Be that person willing to be a part of organizations like Harmony, and stem the tide of abortions, not just here, but around the world. For every little life He sends to us, for every child’s future, born and unborn, for every family, let there be Harmony… God bless you all.

Harmony Women’s Care is located at 845 North Main St., Suite 3, Providence, RI 02904 Contact or schedule a tour at 401-270-2928 or office@harmonycareri.org. Learn more at www.harmonyfriends.org.



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