Randy’s Canvas, Filmed Locally Now Available on DVD/VOD

Randy's CanvasBy Valentina Montella

Plan a date night or gather your children and watch this warm-hearted movie, “Randy’s Canvas”, now available on DVD or streaming.

RANDY’S CANVAS tells the fictional story of a young man who was abandoned by his birth parents at a very young age who lives with his “brother from another mother” Henry, in the big city. Randy is an incredibly talented artist who has a kind heart and autism. When he falls in love for the first time, his life begins to spin out of control as he tries to deal with a roller coaster of emotions and first-time experiences.

This delightful movie was filmed right here in Rhode Island and stars a Cranston, RI local filmmaker/actor, Adam Carbone in the title role. Adam studied filmmaking at New England Tech in Rhode Island receiving his associate degree.

Adam tells us, “The role of Randy is more than just a character I portray. It’s something important that I needed to do… and do right.”

Randy’s Canvas is more than a feel-good movie, it will educate you about the emotional struggles that autism has on young adults. In this movie Randy talks about Autism as not being “who he is, but what he has.”

The movie shines a light on how good teachers can impact and change lives. Good teachers have a special sensitivity, along with patience, leading students to develop stronger skill ability and developing a relationship of trust between teacher and student.

This movie will remind some of audience members of their elementary and high school days at school, reflecting on their first love.  You might even relate with how Randy’s emotions spun out of control.

This is one of those movies that covers the gamut of emotions. It’ll make you laugh, cry and smile. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I loved the end of the movie which made me smile ear to ear, and I’m certain it’ll do the same for you.

The movie demonstrates the happiness we feel when we are cared for and accepted within society by another human being, especially when love is particularly hard to find. God knows, it’s always great to share the union of love between two people, whether it be with family, friends, teachers or associates.

I hope you enjoy this warm-hearted movie as much as I did.  Heads up and a big THANK YOU to Adam Carbone. Please join me in prayer for more heartfelt, meaningful movies like this one to be made.

The proceeds from Randy’s Canvas will directly benefit The Autism Project, Rhode Island as well as draw positive attention to other Autism charities, worldwide. The Autism Project is a unique collaboration of parents, professionals and community members who provide quality support, training, and programming that is accessible to all for children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families and those who work with them.

For more information please visit www.randyscanvas.org

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