Refined: Life Through Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Beyond

By Good News Today staffRefined

(Providence) David Arthur was sexually abused from around the age of 5. He contracted HIV/AIDS at age fourteen.
And by age 37 he was on his deathbed.

With his body weakening, in a hospital bed that was placed in his bedroom at home, David knew he was headed for hell. He cried out to God in desperation. He was afraid to die and he didn’t want to go to hell, yet he knew hell was what he deserved. David Arthur hit rock bottom and turned to God. God heard David’s cry.

Refined: Life Through Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Beyond is a book about David’s life, from the devastating beginnings to the miraculous changes you will be amazed at what God has done.

David tells us, “Our One, True, Living GOD, has worked signs and wonders in and through my life more than I could’ve ever imagined. For me it all began with my father committing suicide, me being molested as a child, opening doors to the occult by way of witchcraft books and symbols and an existence that had no purpose, no dreams, no goals…. only desires and lusts.”

“Suicide. Molestation. A life doomed and littered with drugs, alcohol, prostitution and even murder. It was a correctional officer that reached me, with Truth, in Love. 30+ years of darkness and death, I now live in Light and Life. One word: Truth. GOD pursued me. GOD chose me, for such a time as this. GOD fed my hungry heart with Truth.”

David’s new book is a perfect reflection of Revelation 12:11, “And they [the world] overcame him [the enemy] by the Blood of The LAMB, and by the Word of their Testimony; and they Loved not their lives unto the death.”

After living for 30+ years in darkness (homosexuality, prostitution, transgenderism, drug-addiction, alcohol, trauma and tragedy) God delivered David and gave him a new life and a reason to live. His new book is a must read for anyone struggling with these issues or related to someone in the midst of them. As David reminds us, “GOD can stop you in your tracks and give you exactly what you’ve been asking for and seeking!!” 

You can learn more about David at Refined: Life Through Homosexuality, Transgenderism and Beyond is now available on Amazon & Kindle.

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