Reflections on the Existence of God – “The Evidence Compiled Is Astounding”

By Good News Today staff


“Wherever we reach, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy, from the alpha to the omega, in the room where we are reading these very words to the great natural world outside, we will find, if we seek, the fingerprints of an intelligent designer.


Generations of brilliant men and women from the dawn of time have been led on this quest by the intimations of God in the details. The deep mysteries of life, of emotions, of love and death – all, perhaps, can be studied and broken down into smaller and smaller components by the scientific method, but in the process, the inklings of a creative force should always surprise us with awe and wonder.


Reflections on the Existence of God is a series of short essays seeking to answer life’s most enduring question: Does God exist? This book lays out, in short essays, much of the evidence for the existence of God that is available. We should seek to take the evidence offered and use it to make reasonable conclusions. What you will find is, as the evidence accumulates, it enables us to come to confident conclusions about God. Who He is. And, that He truly is.” – Richard E. Simmons III


“In the end, it is important to know whether God exists or He does not exist. There is no third option. What I am seeking to do in this book is to determine which of these beliefs is true and which one is not.”

– Author Richard E. Simmons III


What Critics & Readers Are Saying


“This book is an essential primer for all who seek to effectively engage the skeptical culture in which we live.”

– Chris Hodges, Founding & Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands


“After reading chapter 1, I was hooked. I’m not finished with it yet, but I love it. So much to ponder! So much wisdom from the author’s own thoughts and study over the last 30 years. This book will definitely help adjust anyone’s moral compass if you let it and really want the truth.”

—J.M. Crowley, USA


“Carefully researched with suitable anecdotes of people who have encountered God in a personal way. The author takes a variety of topics often used by skeptics to deny faith. He presents robust answers to the arguments given and presents a strong, watertight case for the reality of the Christian faith in the 21st century. An excellent read.”

—K. BLACKWELL, United Kingdom


Today, Reflections on the Existence of God tops the Amazon best-seller charts in the categories of Comparative Religion and Christian Apologetics. Thousands of readers have taken the journey seeking the ultimate truth. We invite you to take the journey yourself and get your copy today on Amazon or wherever good books are found.

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