By Fred Comella

Well hallelujah! I’ve decided to part company with Facebook and Twitter. As I’ve watched these evil vehicles for irrationality and ignorance literally change the manner in which folks see their world (and get their news), the resulting negative impact on our nation and people has become painfully obvious. Accordingly, I’m simply not comfortable feeding the social media beast any longer. Nevertheless, in view of current events, I’m compelled to write a few things down about where it seems we are, and where we’re going. Now don’t worry, you can still catch up with me on my website, as well as other venues I write for, and of course, the GNT. This is simply a means to begin a serious conversation about this great republic, and what it might look like to our posterity. Truth be told, we will need God now, more than at any time I can remember.

“We the People”

In an effort to make this readable, I’m going to break it up into categories, the first being, “We the People”. I always use this term, because regardless of our differences I’ve always viewed the American people as one united group of patriots (E pluribus unum) under God, albeit with different ideas about how to make the United States better for ourselves, and our kids. Let’s face it, ideological differences in our country go back to before the first Continental Congress ever convened. But the dynamic has changed in the last 20 or so years. Now as far as I can tell, there are a lot of reasons for that change, but I’m going to list just the ones I feel have brought us to this current moral and likely Constitutional crisis.

The history of America is short, when you consider the longevity of say, England or France. However, in just 244 years this “baby country” has done more to advance the human condition, here and around the globe, than any nation in recorded History. Mind you, I’m only referencing the time of separation to the present, as the story of the true “Founders” is one for another day. So the success of the United States is largely the result of the two greatest documents ever written, with the notable exception of The Bible, which is actually a book, not a document. (I just don’t put anything above “The Good Book”). Nevertheless, the authors of our founding documents leaned heavily on the words of the Bible, recognizing that the most basic and inherent rights of mankind come from God, not government. Those documents framed the future of a people free to live, work and worship as they choose, but under a common flag of liberty and laws, not men. The byproduct became the envy of the world raising more people out of poverty than any nation in history, and shining a light millions (would and still) follow for the chance at a better life.

Admittedly, no nation’s history is perfect, and the United States has not always gotten it right. However, the idea that this free republic under law is somehow the cause of human suffering around the world as opposed to the cure for it, is the demented and revisionist history of sniveling university professors, whose only desire is to remake America to suit their alternate and Godless universe.

Straight out of Karl Marx’s “Rules for Radicals”, the idea was/is to corrupt the minds of the next generation by re-writing our storied history, thus giving “young skulls full of mush” some sort of boogie man to blame for their perceived lot in life. The result? A harvest of “snowflakes” who understand little of their country, the sacrifice of those who gave it to them, or the horrific alternatives in an evil world that would chew them up and spit them out. We see this with millennials wearing their Che Guevara tee shirts with pride, purposely blind to the true history of the Communist murderer, and all while supporting the ANTIFA and BLM cowards, shouting terrorist slogans like “Death to America” on the streets of Portland and Seattle.

This is what happens when a nation turns from the God who blessed it and forgets, (or ignores), its history, thus its posterity know only of its sins and not its humanity. How else could 18 to 23 year-olds come out of college with the notion that Communist China, where the government is responsible for the murder of literally millions of its own people, is somehow preferable to a country where the sky is the limit, and solutions are always possible by way of liberty and human freedom? And how could so many young people today, be so confused about “Fascism” and what political party more closely resembles it? The answer is pretty simple. Garbage in, garbage out…

The basic facts are these, and they are simply not being taught in our public schools any longer. Nor are they accurately vetted or debated in most of modern higher “education”. (Free speech on campuses around this country is only free if you embrace certain political narratives, endorsed by faculty, and supported by university administrations populated with radicals of a bygone era missing their protest days. But I digress.

When the world is threatened, America volunteers its bravest, willing to trade their lives if need be to defend freedom. When the world is sick, America sends doctors, nurses, medicine and vaccines. When the world is crippled by planet earth, America sends relief supplies and machinery to the affected region. In short, no nation has expended more blood and treasure for the sake of others around the world than the United States of America. We must start by teaching these facts as a foundation, then you will have done your job as an educator. Start by explaining that while the Founders were imperfect people as are we all, they wrote two simple and straight forward documents that would change the world forever. They wrote of God-given life, liberty and the “pursuit” of happiness, not the promise of it. And they wrote of “promoting” the general welfare, not providing it. Many of them did this at the expense of their very “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”.

Explain that while slavery was an abomination, American men and women died to end it. Teach of Lincoln’s Christian faith and how it guided him past the politics of the Civil War and to the morality of the 13th Amendment. Teach that while the settling of America was at times a painful and unfair process, the “Indigenous” people of the Americas were warring, killing and enslaving their individual tribes, generations before a single “white man” ever stepped foot on the beaches of Massachusetts. And teach the next generation, that ALL of our history is unique and matters. And that while every nation has flaws, America is truly exceptional in many ways, and must be defended as a light to the rest of the world.

Separation of church and state? No such thing…

I think it’s fair to say, that anyone willing to do their homework, and who is not utterly blinded by ideology, would have to admit this nation was founded with a Judeo-Christian philosophy at its core. From the Founders and the earliest intent of the “Mayflower Compact”, to the collective desire of a people to govern themselves. And from the first schoolbook adopted by Congress (the Bible) and our “Pledge of Allegiance”, to the acknowledgment of our creator and the structure of our laws, we see it. And the beauty of it all, is that while the Framers who wrote our Declaration and Constitution used this familiar and foundational platform, they also understood that the very freedom it acknowledged, provided that those of a different faith would also seek that same recognition, and should be afforded it without bias.

You see my friends, what the modern media pundits and pontificators would have you believe, is that those who founded and framed this great experiment, were Godless men. However, an accurate historical audit tells a very different story. Even our storied First Amendment has been misrepresented and read to suggest something it doesn’t say. The Amendment simply tells us that government shall not adopt or promote any particular faith, but will also not prohibit the “free exercise thereof”. And nowhere does it suggest there is or was no connection to the principles and structure of the Christian faith or that there shouldn’t be. This is a myth rooted in the Vashti McCollum arguments as well as those of Jefferson and Madison against the establishment of a particular religion by the government. However, if you read deeper, you find that the debate in Colonial times specifically, was one between varying denominations of the Christian faith only, and centered more on disestablishment as a way of not disenfranchising the numerous other Christian faiths. With that said, I believe the McCollum case was the very beginning of a consorted and now on-going effort by the enemies of freedom to chase God from schools, courts and halls of government, and is part and parcel to our current posture of decline. The truth is, without God there is no United States. And trust me, George Soros and his Communist friends know it.

Election 2020…

Suffice it to say, this years Presidential Election will be a historical turning point for this country. But not necessarily because of one candidate or the other. But rather because of the corruption and “Deep State” treachery which has finally been exposed in our government. Sadly, the obvious voter fraud the news media would have you ignore, is the product of decades of complacency on the part of the electorate, as well as a calculated effort by those who mean to destroy this republic, to undermine our very way of life. Mind you, I could write a book about the death of American values and principles, and how ideological politicians have pandered their way into the hearts and minds of many in America, only to steal away their ambitions and goals, replacing them with EBT cards and free healthcare. But time and editorial space prohibit that conversation in detail. However, if you voted in this last election and are comfortable with the results and manner in which it was conducted, both in the press and at the local level, specifically in Democrat run states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, then you are clearly part of the problem. Moreover, if we don’t fix this mess, and quickly, we will likely never see another free and fair presidential election again. And this republic as we know and understand it, will be no more.

It is this authors opinion, that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from Donald Trump, by way of massive voter fraud, facilitated by the mass distribution of unsolicited mail-in ballots and vote tampering after the fact. Moreover, this criminality is both supported by, and shadow endorsed by deep state politicians all across this country. Ya know, someone said once, “All politics is local”. So if we mean to change the dynamic and save this republic for our posterity, then we’d better start at our local school committee and work our way up…

COVID is real, the “pandemic” is politics…

I don’t remember a time when the American people were so easily corralled and manipulated by an event, such as they have been by COVID 19. To be clear, I’m not a virus denier, but rather a Type 1 Diabetic who’s just as apprehensive as anyone. Nevertheless, I’ve crunched the numbers and facts are these. Better than 99% of folks who contract this illness recover from it. Nearly half of all deaths have been in congregate care facilities and nursing homes. Here in Rhode Island, that number is 76%! Lock-downs and masks failed to perform as advertised, and the medical experts like Dr. Fauci are full of it. I pray this is not an example of how this generation deals with crisis going forward. Because if it is, then the greatest generation are rolling in the graves at our cowardice.

In God we trust…  

This last one is pretty simple and straightforward. I’m both thankful and frightened to be a saved man in this day and age. I know this sounds ambiguous, but while I’m happy to have my eyes open to the one real truth, I’m scared of what I see. I see a people seeking validation for every conceivable evil and perversion, and being given that validation by a pandering, power hungry and political “Deep State”, AND with the “blessing” of an equally corrupt and propaganda press.

I see a people content to watch living babies torn apart in a so-called “medical procedure”, all in the name of “Women’s health”? Really? I see human trafficking and

National Mounument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts

child pornography, and every excuse in the book for its existence. There are even folks out there endorsing the sexual assault of young children and labeling it as simply as another “sexual identity”. I see city, state and federal government abusing their power and subverting the Constitutional rights of the citizenry with alarming frequency, and I see a so-called education system failing our children on every level. As a result, I see the deterioration of the family unit away from what God intended it to be. THIS is what happens when you turn from our Lord and Savior. And this is what is now on our doorstep.   John 8:31-32 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

In closing I’m probably gonna make a few of you uncomfortable, and maybe even a little angry with me. But I was listening to Dr. Michael Youssef recently, and he gave a great sermon on how some in the Christian community, to include pastor’s and senior church officials, are almost “redefining” the Word, and failing their respective congregations at a time when they should be circling the wagons if you will.

Let’s face it folks, even the church these days, seems to be bending over backward to be “inclusive” and “tolerant” of behavior that frankly flies in the face of the Word of God. At the end of the day my Christian brothers and sisters, this is not the time to be watering down His words, but rather a time to be rallying folks to Christ. Now as a Christian in training, and someone who has fallen short and continues to fall short, I’m not judging or preaching to anyone. I’m simply sounding the alarm, that this fight begins and ends with our faith and God’s Word. Let that sink in and think about what direction this nation, and the world is going this Christmas season.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


“He is for all people”… Merry Christmas!


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