Responding to Conversion Therapy Ban…

Many of us are following those of you who are going against the flow with these liberal and outrageous bills.  The ‘elephant in the room’ is coming into focus and we want you to know that the majority of RI’ers do not favor these anti-family bills   There is a groundswell of support for like-minded conservatives in the business community, higher education and especially in the churches of RI across denominational lines.  We envision a RI Family Policy Council taking shape within a year. So please let us know how we can help you.

Many of us called and sent emails like this to our legislators who accused those of us who believe in Christian Family Values to be ‘medieval’ & even ‘barbaric.’  Responding to Conversion Therapy Ban

Rep. Walsh,

Framing the issue the way you have creates a false picture of what parents, clergy and professionals do when an adolescent is experiencing these gender issues.  Using terms like ‘medieval’ might to paint a false horrible scenario are just not true and I believe you know that.  In fact that kind of language only indicates that you realize the weakness of your argument.  It’s a ‘form of verbal bullying.’

Homosexuality, like any other form of immorality, has it’s own drawbacks that create depression, suicidal tendencies and health risks: increased STD’s, short term & multiple partners and relationships, fractured family relationships, increased depression especially with older homosexuals and suicidal tendencies.  I worked in the medical field for quite a while and had opportunity to care for a number of HIV patients.  There is a lot of pain that accompanies the lifestyle that you are not addressing.  As far as ‘medieval’ goes what would you call hormone injections that leave the individual sterile, and surgical procedures that scar for life??  

On a positive note, when parents or clergy intervene, it is most often out of a love for young people and studies (though you don’t acknowledge them) show that most (75 – 90%) will get through the confusion before entering their 20’s.  Just to enlighten you as to motives and goals…. most Parents & Clergy with traditional / Christian values want to see their children avoid sex outside of marriage entirely not just homosexual sex.  The reasons are obvious.  Sexual intimacy is sacred beautiful as God intended it.  Women, especially need to be protected.  They are made differently and can be hurt more deeply (although I doubt you believe that).  I wanted that for my daughter growing up because I loved her and wanted to spare her the pain I saw so many experiencing.  We have an over-sexualized culture and we are reaping the brokenness of it.

Please understand my heart.  The vast majority who may be on the ‘other side’ of this issue want what’s best for children & adolescents from a good heart.  The Constitution still guarantees freedom of religion and there is a wall of separation between the church and the state that allows us to live out our values.  I believe these SOCE laws will eventually work their way to the SCOTUS and will be found to be unconstitutional.

Sincerely and Kindly,

David A. Aucoin, Pastor
Abundant Life Assembly of God
135 New Meadow Rd.
Swansea, MA 02777

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