RI Men of Hope – May, June Report 2014

By John Mentus

Recently I was reminded of a couple of quotes almost everyone has contemplated at one time or another; “they want community and friendship, but if you mention accountability and commitment they run the other way.” Second, “no man fails on purpose. Yet men make seemingly small compromises which slowly, over time, ruin their lives.”

How about you?  Are you truly accountable? Embracing accountability results in no secrets and allows you to experience the fullness of God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness. When I think of these quotations I wonder what is happening with men’s ministry throughout the country that stops them from standing up for what they believe, to speak the truth at all times, to be loving, to be great husbands, or fathers, grandfathers and patriarchs. We need to take an assessment of our lives, our agendas, our wishes, and become God’s men.

This spring has been very busy for the RI Men of Hope. We discovered that one of our inmate’s wives lost everything in a fire in the apartment where she lived. We called to see how we could help. The one thing she was looking forward too was a bedroom set, so we put out an email in our church and on the same day we received an email back saying that a family was moving to a smaller house and had an extra bedroom set that they would donate.  We were able to deliver it to her apartment,  hoping it would be a first-floor, unfortunately it was a third-floor with a narrow winding staircase. After much hard work we got it up there and she was satisfied with her new bedroom set. When we got back into the truck we both agreed we were too old to be delivering furniture.

I received a letter from another inmate wanting to thank us for giving books to their chapel library at the ACI. He states, “I want to thank all of you who made a donation for us to be able to read books to help us walk in the ways of the Lord. I also asked the Lord to show me himself in reading this book. My heart was filled with warmth and went back to when I was a kid growing up in Riverside when I saw the stamp with name of the church inside the book. I went to your church when I was a kid in the bus ministry and was picked up every Sunday for Sunday school with other kids!  I could not wait to go, so today I feel and see that the Lord planted the seed and I’m sorry that I let the things of this world and having not known the word put me here in jail. My walk with the Lord now is the best thing in my life and I have been happy even though I’m in jail. I am free in love with thanks to you.” Signed by the inmate.

It is with great joy and a privilege as Rhode Island Men of Hope to serve in this way to help those that are in need we hope that you enjoy your summer this year as we will continue to strive for God’s work to be done in his timing. We appreciate your prayers and your financial giving that allows us to do this work. We have completed classes in Maximum Security and through the summer we will have a night class as well as regular classes in Minimum and Medium Security. Our college program still continues and we are thankful for all who facilitate these programs at the ACI. Our next report will come out in the Fall and we hope that you continue to pray for us. God bless you!

If you or your church would like to partner with RI Men of Hope please contact them at R. I. Men of Hope
P. O. Box 15306, Riverside, RI 02915 or call 401-383-9967. You can visit their website at www.menofhope.org.

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