RI Right to Life Education Trust Announces First Annual Pro-Life Video Contest

By Good News Today Staff


The RI Progressive Democrats just announced their endorsements for the 2014 elections. The very beginning of their press release indicates that they clearly understand, perhaps better than most pro-lifers in Rhode Island, that their number one opponent — the number one opponent of the abortion advocates and abortion industry in Rhode Island — is none other than Rhode Island Right to Life:

The press release states, “Being a real Democrat in the General Assembly is not easy. The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate both oppose a woman’s right to choose and received endorsements from Right to Life last election cycle…”

Barth Bracy

Barth Bracey

Barth Bracey, Director of RIRTL tells us, “We don’t often blow our own horn at RIRTL (we are too busy in the trenches) but it is critical that pro-lifers in Rhode Island know what our opponents know so well, namely, how incredibly effective RIRTL is and has been at blocking their radical abortion agenda.”

Barth recently stated in a press release, “Make no mistake, RIRTL is the first and the last line of defense for unborn babies at the RI State House and in the public forum. Even the Providence Journal has begrudgingly admitted our effectiveness:

‘Some spent a lot more, but few – if any — of the advocacy groups trying to influence the makeup of the next General Assembly scored more successes than the Rhode Island Right to Life PAC.’

Providence Journal, Political Scene, 9-17-12, A3”
Barth wants R.I’s pro-lifers to know, “It is critically important that we have the support and the funding we need to continue doing what we do so very effectively. We are facing potentially the most favorable elections cycle we have seen in over 6 years. We must not be thwarted again by having to furlough myself and our staff as we had to do last year and during the 2010 elections. Too many precious, innocent lives hang in the balance.”

Please consider helping RIRTL with an immediate online contribution today.

2014 Rhode Island Right to Life Pro-Life Video Contest Guidelines





Facebook Event Page


Statement of Purpose

The Rhode Island Right to Life Pro-Life Video Contest encourages students to persuasively express their pro-life views in an audio-visual format. While skillful use of technology is important, the contest aims above all to promote the clear, concise, and creative delivery of a pro-life message that inspires viewers to take action to protect human life.


Contest Guidelines


The contest is open to young people, aged 13 to 25 as of the contest deadline, either residing in or enrolled for studies in Rhode Island.


Contestants are to produce a short video that delivers a clear and persuasive pro-life message. Videos must focus exclusively on abortion, euthanasia, or infanticide.


Videos must be between at least 30 seconds and no longer than90 seconds. They should be no longer than necessary to deliver a clear and focused message – neither so long that the audience loses interest nor so short that the message is unclear or unpersuasive.


Any music used must be the original creation of the entrant or in the public domain. Entrants should avoid showing company logos (e.g. on clothing), artwork, etc. in their videos in order to avoid copyright infringement.


Videos must be appropriate for public viewing. Obscene content (including nudity or profanity), defamatory statements, and other offensive content that makes a video unsuitable for public viewing will result in disqualification. Entrants should exercise great discretion in using graphic images, such as photographs of aborted infants.


If a group collaborates to produce a video, one person must enter on behalf of the group, agreeing to the contest rules and receiving any prize on behalf of the group.


To enter, contestants must send an email containing the YouTube URL where their video can be found to bebracy@rirtl.orgby September 22, 2014. The names and ages of all contestants collaborating on the video must be included in the email, along with the address and phone number of the primary entrant. Upon receiving this email, contest officials will confirm receipt of the entry and request that entrants upload their video file to the contest’s Dropbox folder.


By entering, contestants agree to the Complete Contest Rules, included below.


Contest prizes are as follows: First Place – $500; Second Place – $250; Third Place – $100.


The winning video will be shown at the annual Human Life Guild Day put on by the Diocese of Providence on Saturday, September 28, 2014.   The top three videos will be posted to Rhode Island Right to Life’s YouTube channel and shared via social media. By entering the contest, participants give Rhode Island Right to Life the right to post, display, and alter their submission at its discretion.


Videos will be judged for Impact (50%), Creativity (25%) and Production (25%). The best videos will:


  • Immediately engage the viewer’s attention and hold it throughout the video.
  • Deliver an extremely clear and compelling pro-life message
  • Powerfully engage the viewer’s intellect and emotions
  • Be unforgettable and inspire the viewer to take immediate action
  • Show a great deal of original thought
  • Take a unique approach to the pro-life issue addressed
  • Make creative use of story, music and/or other elements to enhance the message
  • Show careful thought and planning in production and editing
  • Be well paced and concise, making every second count


To better understand how they will be evaluated, contestants are encouraged to review the complete Judging Rubric included below.


Videos will be scored by a panel of three judges. The judges’ decisions will be final. Ties will be handled by the contest director, as will any questions regarding the application of the judging guidelines. The decision of the contest director concerning the application of the contest guidelines or of the contest will be final.

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