RIRTL Gears Up for Mobil Ultrasound Unit


RIRTL Gears Up

RIRTL Free Mobil Medical Clinic

Dear Friend of Life,

This is a busy and very exciting June for Right to Life Services. Even as we continue raising the funds to finish building our mobile ultrasound pregnancy center, we are now beginning to address the many medical requirements.

We have recently scheduled a comprehensive, five day limited diagnostic ultrasound training course designed for nurses, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants interested in serving as a sonographer on our mobile pregnancy center. We already have four interested nurses, and still have room for others, but what we need right now are pregnant women willing to volunteer as ultrasound models for the supervised clinical training scans these nurses need to perform.

The training course is scheduled from Tuesday, August 9 through Saturday, August 13. We will need ultrasound models who are between 6 and 16 weeks pregnant. Please help us by spreading the word amongst your friends and family, and in your church… particularly to those who have recently become pregnant.

We have a particular need for women who will be 6 to 8 weeks pregnant between August 11-13. Those of you with a sharp eye and a mischievous mind may notice that this also leaves just a wee bit of time for families discerning as to when to have their next child, or their first child, to qualify as a volunteer… there are many ways, indeed, to help the pro-life movement .
Please contact Alison at (401) 521-1860 or alisonc@rirtl.org for questions about volunteering.


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