Dear Friend of Life,

A few notes and observations on the bittersweet results we posted on the night of the primaries, followed by some upcoming pro-life events:
With late-night returns, Planned Parenthood lost one less incumbent than we initially reported, as Rep. Anastasia Williams ultimately retained her House seat by a narrow margin. This raised their House tally to 9 out of 15 versus our 7 out of 11.

As for the most critical race of the night, our loss of pro-life House Majority Leader John DeSimone, much information has come out over the past week, which is important for pro-lifers in Rhode Island to know and to understand in order to motivate and guide future action.

Turning out enough votes to win in a low turnout neighborhood primary is not necessarilly (or even often) indicative of the views of the majority of voters in that particular district. Planned Parenthood’s successful effort to unseat House Majority Leader John Desimone is a case in point. It was not a groundswell of pro-choice sentiment that knocked off the pro-life Majority Leader, rather it was a sophisticated operation by a well-funded special interest political machine knocking off a seriously outgunned hometown candidate.

And while this was the narrowest margin of the evening, consider that, statewide, we were a mere 288 votes away from what would have been a decisive pro-life victory and 1,159 votes from what would have been a pro-life clean sweep!!!

While RI Right to Life did everything we could with our comparatively paltry financial and human resources, too many pro-life voters and church-goers chose to stay home rather than vote in the primaries, while Planned Parenthood’s formidable operation was able to turn out just enough votes to squeak by in multiple districts.

The painful lesson I hope and pray that pro-lifers will quickly learn and share is that, presently, our opponents appear to be more committed to their deadly agenda than too many pro-lifers and church-goers are to defending life. We need to change that!

Elections have consequences, and while, barring any surprises in the November 8 general elections, I do not foresee the recent results as allowing for easy “pro-choice” victories in the next legislative session, it may possibly put any substantial pro-life victories out of reach.

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