‘Roaming Catholics’ Answers Difficult Questions Regarding Pope, Saints, Sacraments and Other Issues

By Lisa Griffin



PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – A book and study guide praised as a “great read and resource” that bridges the gap between Catholics and Protestants and their church history and doctrines will be released next month.


Roaming Catholics“Roaming Catholics: Ending the Wandering to Embrace the Wonder” and “Roaming Catholics Study Guide” by Kenneth Behr will be released through Xpyria Press on June 15. The resources target the evangelical and Protestant market and answer questions people often have regarding differences in culture, doctrine and tradition between Catholics and Protestants.


“There are many people with Catholic backgrounds, family and friends in our evangelical churches, and many of them have significant questions that are unanswered,” said Behr. “By using history, I answer their questions without unintentionally dividing along doctrinal lines.”


During Behr’s 13 years in ministry he has taught classes on the history, culture and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church that have attracted hundreds at various churches. He also is founder of Faith Dialogue (www.faithdialogue.org), a faith-based nonprofit committed to building the unity of the Christian church and bridging the gap between Catholic and Protestant, evangelical and Pentecostal. Through the book and the interactive three-week study guide, readers are reminded that the Christian faith is not grounded in denominations, but in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The books answer questions many people struggle with, such as “Was Peter the first Pope?” “Should Christians pray the rosary?” “Should priests be married?” They also provide an invaluable resource on church history and extensive glossary on church terminology that include “purgatory,” “immaculate conception” and “sacraments.”


“‘Roaming Catholics’ helps answer the questions many Catholics have about their faith and differences within the Protestant church,” says Dr. Todd Mullins, Christ Fellowship Church lead pastor. “Using his personal experience growing up Catholic, Behr explains how traditions and doctrine can be transformed into relationship and life change. This book is a great read for Catholics looking for answers, as well as Protestants looking to understand the history and heritage of their Catholic friends.”


For more information on Behr and his work, visit www.RoamingCatholicsBook.com.


Kenneth Behr is founder and chair of Faith Dialogue, a faith-based nonprofit that helps unify the Christian church by bridging the gap between Catholics and Protestants, evangelicals and Pentecostals. He served as a pastor and executive director at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Behr has spent the past 13 years in ministry and was ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance after a career in business.


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