Same-sex Marriage – Christianity is Not the Enemy

By Kenneth Rindeikis

Whatever decision the Supreme Court makes regarding marriage I am sure the outcome will be ferociously debated on both sides. There is an underlying issue that concerns me, though, and that is the relevance of Christianity in this upcoming historic decision.


Samesex marriageHowever anyone feels about the value of Christianity in their own lives, one cannot deny that this faith had a profound effect on the lives and / or decisions of those that founded this great nation.  That is not to say that they or this country is Christian. From their words and deeds to the inscriptions and monuments erected on numerous national and political structures, the Bible clearly was a major influence on the creation of the United States. In the ongoing attempt to remove such references and state that they never existed is historically deceitful.


So why now is Christianity being considered a determent to this nations wellbeing. The current viscous attacks not only on the faith itself, but on those who adhere to it is well documented.


I believe that every citizen in this country should have the opportunities to the same rights as everyone else; no matter what your lifestyle or belief, no one should be subjected to ridicule or verbal and physical abuse.  If this nation is willing to protect the rights of one segment of society by removing the same from another, then  this country has not progressed, but merely changed the ‘players’. Christianity is not the enemy.



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