Santayana Was Never A Rock Musician

By Dave MerrickSantayana Was Never

It is a no-brainer that we are right now doomed to go through some really bad times. Anybody who tells you anything different is either trying to sell you something or they probably just need to back off on their meds. Nevertheless, Mr. Santayana’s beat-to-death, pure gold adage is about to fall upon us in its full weight because very few around us have even a nodding acquaintance with vital history. I mean, most of the universities these days seem to be teaching their own, new and improved version of history. But real history, our civilization’s blood-soaked past that was packaged with painful experience and the subsequent critical thinking that had to be done in order to milk wisdom from tragedy, that seems to be all but clean gone.

The left – the titles, ‘liberal’ or ‘Democrat’, have become only camouflage – is now quite obviously out to take what they want unlawfully. That is real obvious, in that just in the past few weeks even more leftist politicians and many of their salespeople (a host of Hollywood celebrities) have been piling on more incendiary insults and even unveiled calls for violence upon Donald Trump and anybody/anything willingly associated with him. Some nut-case halfwit California Congresswoman can trash-mouth and terrorize the way she has, especially in her last couple of ‘rallies’ and a tweet or two. Creepy Joe Biden (Mr. Touchy-Feely’) has called for a Latino uprising/resistance. And nobody from the left is rushing forward with any explanations or apologies. These are in-house threats upon our nation’s leadership and security. And the perpetrators’ congressional and senatorial cohorts, the people who should be coming out with their hats in their hands and heads bowed in embarrassment, are all shamelessly acting like worldwide Islam did after 9/11 … crickets. It is the same sort of a “Let’s just sit tight and see what happens” kind of silence.

Maxine Waters is no different or better than her good friend, Louis Farrakhan in planting seeds that can result in bloodshed. And like Louis, she can stand at her podium and spew out all sorts of racist hatred knowing perfectly well that there are other halfwits and young people out there listening who don’t have the brains or experience to retrofit any common sense or restraint into their purposefully unmitigated, backlash-producing hatred. And what a defenseless John Q Public will realize – only after the ambulances have hauled off the corpses and wounded from another senseless race-related slaughter – is that the fiery words of these cocky demagogues are tantamount to marching orders to the grace-less morons who were never trained to think for themselves.

And that is why Santayana’s time-tested truth keeps on keeping on. It is because there is an ever-burgeoning crowd of grace-less morons, those who make up the mob, who have been handed no other vision for the future, beyond their appetites and immediate passions. Lots of hungry people making babies under the oversight of a warm tv has given the left the same raw material that a Marxist Lenin incited into Bolsheviks, Mao used in mustering his Red Guard, and Hitler, his brownshirts and dedicated youth. Today we call them ‘Antifa’, ‘Hillary’s Resistence’, ‘Resist Trump’ and so on. And all those who make up the ranks of such seditious dangers are doing so under the guidance of people who absolutely know better. But, just like the aforementioned authors of what amounted to a devilishly and barely bridled hell, Maxine, Louis, Barack, Hillary and professional demagogues, domestic and foreign, are willing to play with that sort of fire if it will achieve the devil’s deal of power, wealth and privilege to which they have partnered themselves.

Donald Trump wakes up every morning to a double-barreled shotgun full of the most vicious resistance and hatred aimed straight at him from every direction around the world. The people who own the loudest and most opinion-shaping voice in this nation and world are daily redoubling their efforts at destroying him. Our President who is determined to tear apart the machine liberal media/entertainment was building in partnership with a coming dictatorial White House is now their worst mistake and nemesis. “Donald Trump is a racist, white-supremacist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, sexist, neighbor’s-dog-molesting, Hitlerian tyrant from Russia!” That is the new party line, sure enough. But the spreaders of that malarkey have yet to document any of those groundless slurs. When we might compare him to a Billy Clinton, even the backslidden pope would put Trump up for sainthood. But truth and fact are not relevant anymore. It’s all about stirring up the mob while keeping the people who might wake up and actually work to make a difference entertained and distracted.

So in a deteriorated 2018 America, Maxine Waters can fearlessly make really dumb statements like, “I will go and take Trump out tonight!!” And she walks free because her day is finally here. The swamp has been up and running long enough to have made way for her, and to threaten and/or buy off the people who should be minding the switch. But anyway you slice it, Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás’ (that’s ‘George’ Santayana’s, to us) words of wisdom, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, is a useless warning in a time when the mob of grace-less morons are again repeating history. And it seems that most of us who can see what’s happening and might exert ourselves enough to make a difference – aren’t. So in what I see as a coming perfect storm, if Benjamin Franklin’s popular aphorism,” God helps those who help themselves”, contains even a grain of truth (which it really doesn’t, since His Grace is the primary motivator in every good work He does), we indeed don’t have a prayer. Nevertheless, pray we should.

It was at about this same pitch of a media-deceived publics’ fever that produced crowds of grace-less morons who were gutting the shops and homes of Jews as the emerging Third Reich was flexing its muscle. The Jews could no longer walk the streets without the identifying Star of David that made them an easy mark for persecution and imprisonment. Maybe the left will eventually make me and my fellow Christians wear crosses. I, for one, will miss living in an America where I can refer to Jesus Christ – out loud and in the present tense – without being thrown into jail for that. Nevertheless, because of precisely what George Santayana was talking about, we are headed, one unnoticed step at a time, in just that direction.

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