Saved Outside - ancora-mobile-clinicA baby made it out of Planned Parenthood alive this morning because Ancora was there!

Just past 8 a.m., a young woman walked out of Planned Parenthood—after going in for a scheduled abortion. She had caught a glimpse of Ancora’s “Free Ultrasound” signage upon entering and simply decided that she had to see her baby. After she circled the area around Ancora a few times, one of the sidewalk counselors approached her and asked her if she wanted to get on board.  She said “yes”!

After the medical intake process, she lay on the exam table gazing unbelievably at her 18-week-old baby, “I can’t believe how developed it is. Wow! I can’t believe how developed it is!”  Within a few more minutes, she was seeking an appointment with an obstetrician for prenatal care. She also made an appointment with Right to Life Services Maternity Hope Chest for further assistance!

If you want to hear all the details—meet us at the Ancora Fundraising Banquet on May 31st at Quidnessett Country Club. Ancora means Hope. Praise God!

The future of abortion in Rhode Island (and assisted suicide) will be determined this year in the statewide primary elections for the Rhode Island General Assembly. Please mark the date NOW and spread the word that we need ALL pro-life citizens to be ready to vote in whichever primary is most critical in your district on Wednesday, September 12 in order for us to maintain pro-life control of the General Assembly. In order to do this, you must change your registered “Party Affiliation” to “Unaffiliated” before June 12! You may do so by downloading, printing, and completing this form (particularly Box 9) and mailing the completed form to your local Board of Canvassers. You may also do this online at the RI Voter Information Center. Then please look out for our primary endorsements in August. Please act now!


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