Solutions Begin with Faith

A recent Abortion hearing at the Rhode Island Statehouse

  Family Policy Alliance-RI


By Fred Comella


We’ve said it over and over. I’ve written it over and over. Yet the modern news media and progressive politicians continue to avoid (or simply reject) the true way back to repairing our declining society, that being, God and family.


From drag queens reading stories to our children and “twerking” in sexually explicit ways inside our public libraries and classrooms, to female students being forced to where hijabs on school field trips to mosques, the push is on to validate that which is not in keeping with our constitutional/family value systems, nor the Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.


Abortion after birth is now a “woman’s health decision”, with over 45 million abortions having been performed for the period 1973 through 2015. Children are now taught there are over 63 genders, yet a census question to count and establish one’s legal status as an American citizen is somehow considered racist. Even just the word “racism” has been so over-used and misrepresented, it no longer carries the weight of indignation it once did. Illegal is now legal. Common sense and the law are portrayed as intolerance and hate. Truth is in fact the new hate speech and political correctness has been weaponized. Hold on folks as it’s starting to read like Revelation…


So, more and more we keep coming back to the question of solutions. How do we turn things around? Oh, politicians have plenty ideas to be sure. Unfortunately, most of those “solutions” include incomprehensible amounts of money and pandering to whatever cause or ideology garners them the necessary votes to remain in power. This is true from the local school committee all the way to Capitol Hill. But out there, lost in the conversation and mostly by nefarious design, is the truth we seek.


What about this country has set us apart? What foundations have we traditionally looked to for guidance when things appear to be coming undone? To where have we run when hope is fading, and our sensibilities are challenged beyond our ability to reconcile them? It really is a simple answer, though if you tune in to any of the 24-hour news networks, you won’t hear it. The answer is God and family my friends. From the beginning, it has been about a nuclear family, per the design of our creator, with all things made better by a foundational and discipline oriented moral compass. And I submit to you all this day, that if we truly desire to meet the challenges of a nation and world gone astray, (for posterity sake), we will not be successful without first returning to the basics of God and family.


To that end, the Family Policy Alliance “FPA” strives to embrace the things which made our nation strong. Their mission is a simple one, so simple in fact, it scares the modern Liberal Progressives right out of their Antifa Chuck Taylor sneakers. From their national website: “At Family Policy Alliance, our vision is a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished”. You see, the “evil one” understands, that these very simple tenets are the antitheses of the Progressive movement in this country. For if we “honor God”, we will hold ourselves and our families to account in His name. If “religious freedom flourishes”, we ensure people’s prerogatives to worship and pray to the God who made them. If “families thrive”, they will bring forth children who are thankful for and respect “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. And if we “cherish life”, well, we will not kill God’s human creation and all else will fall into place. For those who aren’t familiar with the FPA you can check out their website at


Now “The Good News” is, FPA has branched out to include 41 states, establishing grassroots non-profit organizations which can centralize and sharpen the local focus, influencing politicians and speaking directly to “We the People” in the places where they live and worship. I’m going to list their efforts here as well, so folks can see how localizing the aforementioned “solutions” is the single most effective way to go hands on if you will, in a way which will get the attention of our elected officials.



  • Alliance Building: We work to strengthen and expand our alliance of 40 — someday 50 — state-based organizations. We provide them with the training, funding and strategic coordination to engage in elections, advance pro-family legislation, mobilize churches on critical issues and be a voice for biblical citizens within their states.
  • Grassroots Impact: We engage directly in key races to identify and mobilize voters who are aligned with us on the issues but, for some reason, are unlikely to vote. When we communicate with them, we are seeing significantly increased voter turnout for social conservative candidates who support our values.
  • Statesmen Academy: Our Statesmen Academy trains and disciples future statesmen and women who are called to serve in the mission field of American politics. We equip them with foundational Christian worldview training, essential skills for being effective in office, and most importantly, maintaining their principles—despite the enormous pressures they will face.
  • Citizens’ Voice: Finally, we advance biblical citizenship through education and tools to help pro-family Americans like you to raise their voices in support of legislation that protects their families. We help people of faith understand the issues and engage their spheres of influence with truth! This grassroots activism is the core ingredient to cultural change. You can sign up for free emails at their website—for pro-family commentary on the issues you face every day, videos and ways to take action to protect your family and your values.



Now I’m sure you’ve all been reading about FPA’s efforts in Massachusetts, with Andrew Beckwith and company leading the charge in the Bay State. But today I’d like to update you on similar efforts going on right here in my “Little Rhody” (Rhode Island), to make it the 42nd state to link up with FPA for the betterment of our communities and families.


Pastor Dave Aucoin with his wife Cindy

My Pastor, Dave Aucoin, (PD) has me constantly in the loop regarding FPA and is a tireless advocate for same in RI, as well as other related and networked organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family, regularly participating in planning meetings and interacting with local politicians on Smith Hill concerning all of the above, (which I can tell you from first-hand experience is an unenviable task).


Most recently, PD and I discussed some of the challenges to starting these types of grassroots organizations. Most notably, financial backing is paramount. But surprisingly enough I was disheartened to hear that many business leaders and influential folks are often hesitant to affix their names to these efforts as they immediately become targets for the very vocal minority crowd. This is one of the most difficult hurdles Christians face when they endeavor to step up to the plate, only to be protested, boycotted and called vile and hateful names at every turn. And it’s only made worse when you don’t get a fair shake from a complicit news media which has lost all appearances of the objectivity normally associated with professional journalism.


Nevertheless, God is more powerful than any low rated cable news network or “mainstream” newspaper on the verge of bankruptcy everyday it’s printed. So, as PD tells me, while progress can seem slow at times, they are moving ahead and are confident that Rhode Island will at some point in the not so distant future, be one of FPA’s “national allies”. He also told me he will be in Arizona in the coming weeks attending a sort of training camp organized by FPA to train up the folks who’ll be on the front lines at start up time.


I’m actually quite in awe of my pastor, as he now continually goes in harm’s way, repeatedly exposing himself to the rampant hypocrisy and moral decay which has come to symbolize the Democrat controlled Rhode Island State House. His persistent yet quiet Christian overtones and approach are what’s been missing at the People’s House for some time, and I’m delighted when he tells me of the small victories he and others involved in the effort to bring the values and morals promoted by organizations like “Focus on the Family”, “Alliance Defending Family”, and soon, FPA back to the halls of government, achieve. Those conversations with folks like the pro-choice advocates and the gender equality crowd who are a handful for any ardent debater, must be all the more challenging for a Pastor bound by the Gospel. Yet PD shows by example, what a deliberate but non-threatening approach can yield. (Personally, I’m still trying to emulate that approach. I’m a work in progress, or so he’s told me…)


He did email recently as well, and shared a devotional his wife Cindy had sent to him which kind of sums it up. Cindy’s a big fan of Dr. Michael Youssef and she loved these thought provoking excerpts from a piece he wrote for July 4th.  I think that if you consider these words when thinking of all we’re facing these days, you may have a better understanding of why it’s incredibly important we promote and bring FPA to Rhode Island.


From Dr. Youssef: “As Christians, how do we view our nation? Is America still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Or is our nation dangerously adrift on a sea of complacency and immorality? Too often we are content to think only of ourselves and our families, ignoring the world around us. We pay little attention to the continual change taking place in governmental policies.

Like the frog in lukewarm water—unaware that the water is boiling until it is too late for him to leap—we, too, may be in more danger than we realize. When 2,000 babies are aborted every day in the U.S. alone, when the Bible and the Ten Commandments are removed from the classroom, and when prayer in school is forbidden, it is time to assess where we are as a nation”. 


For me, these short paragraphs tell us all we need to know about our struggle, not just as Americans, but as Christians, living in a time when accountability has been replaced by validation, and morality with anything goes. The Complacency Dr. Youssef speaks of, is exactly what the enemies of freedom and Christianity are counting on.


I’m more thankful than ever that Pastors like PD, as well as politicians, businessmen and women, and everyday Rhode Islanders are choosing to be part of the solution. This combination of like-minded folks is the key which will open the door to that “new birth of freedom” Lincoln spoke of so long ago, a freedom paid for in many ways, by the mistakes of our past. Remember my friends, there will be history that is written about the time we are living in. How do you wish to be remembered and in what light would you like to be seen regarding that history? Will we rise to the challenges of our time and hold fast to the things we know work? Will we honor God and strive to keep His Commandments as the model for the greatest nation on planet earth? Or will we allow history and the evil one to overtake and extinguish the light that is America? Think about that…


2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land”.


Family Policy Alliance CEO Paul Weber

Whether you’re a local business person or just feel convicted about our times, please consider being a part of FPA’s efforts in Rhode Island. I’m including part of PD’s email with contact information where you can find out more about upcoming events as well as other ways to help be a part of this grassroots undertaking. Help bring FPA to our beloved Ocean State and put God back in OUR State House. I pray you are all enjoying your summer…


Help make Rhode Island the 42nd State to be a part of the Family Policy Alliance. FPA ( ) is networked with ADF – Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family. If you would like to see Rhode Island move closer towards this vision, please join us.

A meeting has been planned for businessmen and women and key pastors and church leaders here in RI with CEO Paul Weber and the Exec. Dir. of the New Jersey affiliate, Len Deo. The main focus of this meeting is to raise the awareness and the support needed from the business community, Churches and individuals to launch a RI Family Policy Council.







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