Stericycle cancels contracts with abortion centers

Medical waste company refuses to collect trash from facilities that don’t have another provider to take baby body partsStericycle cancels

By Samantha Gobba

(WNS)–The nation’s leading medical waste disposal company has cut ties with hundreds of abortion centers, according to a pro-life activist group.

Stericycle, which has a record of hauling aborted fetal waste despite a company policy against doing so, recently reiterated its policy against taking fetal remains and told the group Created Equal that it has “canceled hundreds of contracts with women’s clinics” over the past few years. 

Stericycle representatives did not respond to multiple phone calls seeking to officially confirm Created Equal’s claim. But one employee who declined to give his name told me he’d heard about the canceled contracts via internal company communication.

Created Equal director Mark Harrington called Stericycle’s move “a vital first step in the process of ceasing its involvement in the abortion cartel.”

Although the waste company still takes refuse from some Planned Parenthood centers, it requires abortion providers to certify that fetal remains are not mixed in with other garbage and that they have a licensed handler for fetal remains.  

Some 400 abortion centers have been unable to do so, and Stericycle no longer picks up their trash.

Stericycle president Charlie Alutto also denied having a “partnership” with Planned Parenthood and said “any Planned Parenthood location we service would be subject to our waste acceptance protocol and certification process.”

Despite the company’s certification process, various officials previously claimed Stericycle transported fetal remains for abortion centers.

In 2014, British Columbia Ministry of Health spokeswoman Kristy Anderson said Stericycle took the province’s fetal remains and sent the waste to an Oregon power plant, which allegedly burned them. The power plant later denied it had burned baby body parts, though it previously said it just burned whatever arrived in sealed boxes.

In December 2015, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine reported Stericycle at one point was the sole recipient of fetal waste from Planned Parenthood–Northeast Ohio. The fetal remains either ended up in an Ohio landfill after being steam-cooked, or were incinerated. 

Last year, Created Equal launched a campaign publicizing Stericycle’s connection to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

During the campaign, dubbed “#ProjectWeakLink,” Created Equal workers mailed postcards with a photo of an aborted baby along with Alutto’s home address and work phone number. They also drove through neighborhoods near Alutto’s home with a billboard emblazoned with Alutto’s photograph and contact information, a photo of an aborted baby, and the hashtag, “#killersamongus.”

Stericycle unsuccessfully sued Created Equal for defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. An Illinois judge dismissed the charges in 2016.

Created Equal sees fetal tissue disposal as the abortion industry’s “weak link.” If companies like Stericycle don’t collect the waste, abortion centers can run out of room in their freezers. Abortionist Renee Chelian joked in an undercover video taken by Created Equal about sneaking fetal remains into the woods of upper Michigan and burning them: “We are all one incinerator away, or one incineration company away, from being closed.”

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