Stony Lane Church Organizing Buses to Franklin Graham Event at the RI Statehouse


Stony Lane


Dear Pastor/Administrator,


We are attempting to get as many people as possible from RI to participate in the Franklin Graham “Decision America Tour” ( as well as use this opportunity for a “wake up call” to the Christians of America and specifically, Rhode Island.


Sadly, in a country that was founded to protect the rights of Christians to freely worship, those “inalienable rights” are being systematically dismantled while Christians sleep.  Most all Christians recognize that we are quickly approaching the end of days as foretold by Christ in His Olivet Discourse that is recorded in 3 of the 4 Gospels.  In that address, His very first words are “beware of deceit”.  Our world today is unfortunately suffering the consequences of that deceit in the forms of apostasy in our churches, compromise of scripture and the abandonment of our first love.  The United States is unfortunately paralleling the behavior of Judea at the time of Jeremiah and Daniel.  The consequences of that behavior will likely be similar to the consequences of Judea.  To counter this trend, the remnant Christians of America need to WAKE UP and petition our dear Savior for mercy and grace with respect to our country before it is too late.


To that end, we are attempting to organize buses to transport folks from churches all over RI to the Statehouse, for the Franklin Graham event on Wednesday, August 31, at noon.  Parking and transport are difficult at best around the Capitol building.  The only realistic car parking in the vicinity (on a work day), is at Providence Place – and that will likely be full.  It happens that school is starting on this same day, or the previous week in many RI Communities and that renders it impossible to charter school buses from the normal sources.  We have found that buses are available from Tremblay’s Bus Company in New Bedford and that their prices are less expensive than Viking Tours or Academy.  It is desirable to set up a spread sheet with numbers of people signed up from individual churches such that we could organize the least expensive methodology to get as many people as possible to the rally.  We anticipate pickup locations at several points within the state that could possibly be coordinated for multiple churches at each pickup point.


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Stony Lane Church

Buses with capacity of 49, for a duration of 4 hours (10:00 AM to 2:00 PM) would cost about $450 each (if we order 5 buses) from Tremblay’s.  Buses with a capacity of 54 would be $700 to $850 each from other vendors.  In order to cover the expense, we are proposing a $10 donation per person with $5 up front as a “sign-up” fee (just to be sure people are serious about signing up and we don’t end up with an empty bus because of no-shows).  For folks that cannot afford it, we are proposing that churches underwrite some of the expense from their local mission’s budget.


Please let me know as soon as practically possible, but before August 1st, about how many might be expected to attend from your church that would be interested in the bus concept.  We can then begin to make decisions on how to approach the whole group.


Your Brother in Christ,

Bruce Wigton – Chairman of Deacons, Stony Lane Church



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