Take God to Work

By Good News Today staffTaking God to Work

WASHINGTON – Despite mounting pressures for Christians to keep quiet about their faith, a new book by Pastor Steve Reynolds and David L. Winters recommend just the opposite. “At this point in our nation’s history, every institution needs strong leadership to survive and thrive,” Winters said. “There are many forces seeking to tear down authority and keep faith out of the marketplace. Christianity and the Bible are all about showing leadership under fire.”

In their new book Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success, Reynolds and Winters share biblical principles about lasting success:

* Link faith to caring for others through work

* Learn how to resist temptations that sink careers

* Find the job that maximizes your potential

* What to do when your job is driving you crazy

* How to recover from a big mistake

* Ways to deal with incompetent leaders and co-worker bad behavior

* How Christians should prepare for retirement

In his role as Pastor of Capital Baptist Church for over 30 years, Reynolds hears every kind of story about Christians in the workplace. “We spend close to one-third of our waking lives at work,” he said. “If we draw a self-imposed line stopping short of taking God to work, we give up a huge opportunity to help our customers, our co-workers and employees.”

Taking God to Work includes 13 Spotlight Features about real Christians in the workplace. With work as varied as private airline pilot, stay-at-home mom, information technology manager and school teacher, each explains how they exercise their faith at their job. These people encounter problems very typical of those Reynolds hears about regularly, he said.

If Reynolds and Winters have their way, more Christians will step out in faith and use their vocation to care for God’s world.

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