Taking God to Work in Hurricane Florence Cleanup

By Good News Today staffTaking God to Work

WASHINGTON – Clean-up from Hurricane Florence is the perfect opportunity for Christians to demonstrate their faith in action. Authors of the new book, Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success, suggest everyone involved in the recovery effort is executing God’s plan for work.

“God created work as His plan for humans to take care of each other. If we can grasp that concept, we open the door to a better attitude, improved performance and more success,” said Co-author David L. Winters. “So many have volunteered to help with the recovery effort, but many find the recovery effort falls within their vocation.”

“With the divisive environment surrounding politics in America, it would be easy to use such an event to make points with one’s political base,” Winters said. “Instead, everyone on both sides of the political spectrum should join forces with first responders and speed relief to those who need it. Use this as an opportunity to forget the political squabbling in Washington and focus on bringing Christian love to hurting people.”

In the new book, Winters and co-author Steve Reynolds share biblical principles about lasting success:

Get motivated by understanding God’s plan for work

Learn how to resist temptations that sink careers

Find a job you love that maximizes your potential

How to know when to abandon ship with your current employer

How to recover from a major mistake

Ways to deal with incompetent leaders and cure your co-worker’s bad behavior

Real Christians prepare for retirement by finding their next assignment

“It’s all very practical advice aimed at making us better human beings,” said Co-author and Pastor Steve Reynolds. “With growing secularism in the world, there are forces at work trying to crowd God out of offices, job sites and stores everywhere. God doesn’t fit with everyone’s agenda. The literal good news is that Christians using their faith to display kindness and care for their customers, bosses and co-workers is exactly what is needed today.”

Winters worked for 33 years with the federal government, including over 25 years in the Washington, DC area. He used his 20 years in management to write Taking God to Work with Steve Reynolds, a best-selling author and his pastor. Reynolds pastors Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, Virginia.

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