Temple of Restoration offers “Moment of Hope” on WARV

By Sharon Thiel – WARV

The Temple of Restoration, 30 Wolcott Street in Pawtucket, RI, has begun airing a “Live” radio program, “Moment of Hope”, each Thursday night on Life Changing Radio WARV 1590AM, from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. The program can also be heard as a “Live” stream at www.WARV.net, or on cellphones at the TuneIn Radio app. Listeners may call in for prayer during that 7:30-8:30 PM hour on Thursdays at 401-737-0700, or 24 hours per day to their dedicated Prayer Line at 401-727-4822

Bishop Anthony Howard hosts the program, offering encouragement to callers and praying with them on the air in a format that includes testimonies from those who attend Temple of Restoration’s daily services, and excerpts from messages given by Bishop Angelo Barbosa.

Temple of Restoration in Pawtucket, RI is one of 14 locations (8 in the USA and 6 International) that have grown out of their anchor location in Brooklyn, NY.

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