The autism epidemic is rising steadily in America, thanks to these three causitive factors

By  Isabelle Z.

The autism epidemic1(NaturalNews) There is no question that autism is on the rise in the United States. In 2003, the autism rate was around 1 out of every 150 children. The current rate is believed to be somewhere around 1 in every 68 children, although a 2015 report by the CDC gives a rate of as high as 1 out of every 45 children. It is hard to imagine what this rate will be in 2025, and what effect it will have on society.

What is behind this concerning and dramatic increase? The truth is that autism is very complex, and there is still a lot that is not known about it. Nevertheless, several factors have been linked to autism. Here is a look at the three factors that are believed to play the biggest role in driving up the autism statistics.


As children are being subjected to more and more vaccines, the autism rates are climbing. Vaccines are a smart idea in theory, but there is nothing good to be gained from injecting children with toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury. In 1986, doctors and vaccine manufacturers were indemnified from the legal consequences of vaccine injuries, and the vaccine schedule was promptly increased. As Amy L. Lansky, PhD, of the Waking Times points out, this is also happens to be when the autism rate first really started to take off.

Big Pharma keeps coming up with more and more vaccines to push on our children and adults. They spend a lot of money getting the media and the government to promote them, and spread fears about diseases, while mocking those who refuse to get on board. Children in the late 1950s received seven doses of vaccine antigens. Children today get a whopping 69 doses of vaccine antigens! Are today’s kids healthier than the generations before them? It depends on who you ask, but no one can deny that there are certainly a lot more cases of autism!

Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) is everywhere these days. We are constantly surrounded by it, thanks to the prevalence of WiFi, cell phones, smart meters, cordless phones and countless other smart home devices. Even worse, some people are starting to wear these devices on their bodies. It is interesting to note that the Amish have a relatively low rate of autism. Why haven’t any studies been done to see if this is related to their avoidance of high-tech gadgets?

Chemicals in the food supply

Another factor that has changed dramatically over the years is the quality of our food supply. A number of factors are at play here, but the biggest one is the widespread use of glyphosate on crops, and genetically modified food. MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff points out that the symptoms of glyphosate toxicity are almost an exact match for those of autism. This chemical is absorbed by plants and makes its way into the food system. In addition, it amplifies the toxicity of other chemicals, which means that the dangerous chemicals found in vaccines like aluminum, glutamine and mercury can do a lot more damage than they would otherwise. In addition, aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes was recently linked to a 25 percent increase in autism.

What can we do?

For one, people should stick to organic food as much as possible. New GMO labeling laws could be just around the corner, but people have to remain vigilant and take a serious look at the sources of their foods and the ingredients they contain. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, takes this to a whole new level in his book, Food Forensics, in which he analyzed hundreds of common foods in his lab to uncover the toxins they contain. You probably don’t have access to your own lab, but you can read up on the issue and make smart choices when food shopping, or better yet, grow your own food!

You can avoid EMF by switching off your WiFi and any connected devices when not in use. When you do use these devices, extend them as far away from your body as possible. It is best if children do not use mobile phones or tablets at all, but if they do, set them to airplane mode first.

When it comes to vaccines, however, it is a bit trickier. Forced vaccine mandates can make them hard to avoid entirely. Well-meaning parents understandably want their children to reduce their risk of disease, and there is a serious lack of awareness among the general public on the dangers of vaccines, thanks to the efforts of Big Pharma to keep the matter quiet.

This is a complex problem that requires a multi-pronged approach to fix, but until corporate interests are removed from the equation, it’s likely that autism numbers will continue to rise.

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