‘The Epic Journey’ – Film Team Traveled to 36 Countries to Find God

By Cindy Varela

The Epic JourneyLOS ANGELES, CA – ‘The Epic Journey,’ the new film by Tim Chey, releases in theaters this August after three years of filming in 36 countries. The tagline is ’36 Countries. 25 Stories. 1 Amazing God.’

“We were supposed to be wrapped with this film two years ago,” says Chey, “but the Lord kept impressing on me to wait and travel to even more countries to get more stories.”

The movie has been submitted to the Guinness World Records for most countries ever traveled by a film crew. The 3-year journey brought the film team to perilous adventures in the search for God’s presence in each story.

“It was an incredible 3-year adventure that strengthened my faith and brought me to the heights of God’s power in people’s lives,” says Chey. “I see the Lord’s incredible hand in every story we covered.”

The film documents amazing stories of people who found Christ in impossible situations. The film team traveled to Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, Cairo, Jerusalem, Machu Picchu, Nairobi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Rome, Lima, Buenos Aires, et al.

The incredible stories range from a multi-millionaire who found Christ in an insane asylum to a Yakuza gang member who found Christ in Tokyo.

“These are profound, tear-jerking stories that will shake the most hardened, cynical atheist,” says Chey, who is also the co-host along with Annie Sims.

Chey also produced ‘Freedom’ (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) on the early life of John Newton that released into theaters on June 3.

For additional information please visit the official website www.EpicJourneyMovie.com.

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