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Christianity And Cage Fighting

By Good News Today Staff


Tuscaloosa, Ala. – The Fight Within, a faith-based film set in the rough-and-tumble world of mixed martial arts (MMA), premieres on home entertainment platforms Dec. 6, 2016 by GVN Releasing via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

With a mixture of faith, fighting and romance, The Fight Within is packed with entertainment and a message that theatrical audiences called “amazing,” “uplifting,” and “a film for the whole family.”

“It’s a family, faith-based, love story with a great MMA storyline,” Jim Davis, executive producer and screenwriter said. “It’s about overcoming and persevering against all odds. Watch it with someone who enjoys a great film.”

Davis, an ordained minister and businessman, wraps this search-for-identity story in an unusual subculture, the world of MMA. The Dove Foundation gave The Fight Within, released nationwide, its highest five-star rating.

the-fight-within_posterStarring John Major Davis, Lelia Symington and Matt Leddo, The Fight Within also features Hollywood stunt veteran Mike Taylor, UFC Heavyweight champion and MMA Hall of Fame member Dan Severn, and Wesley Williams. Michael William Gordon directs.

In the story, Logan Chandler (John Major Davis), a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, leaves the ring when his gym-owner father dies while training him. Logan falls in love with a young woman of deep faith (Symington), and he seeks to overcome his troubled past and build a new life. But his new chance at life is tested when a local MMA professional (Leddo)—whose only losing fight was to Logan—forces him back in the ring.

As writer and executive producer, Davis worked to ensure fight scenes that accurately depict an MMA match. John Major Davis and Leddo trained daily for months with professional fighters. The climactic fight scene was filmed at a professional MMA event in Mississippi. Principal filming took place in Tuscaloosa.

Beyond the fight scenes, Jim Davis said The Fight Within is a universal story about one person striving to discover how to find his true identity through a relationship with God.

“We see a young man searching for an identity,” Davis said. “As he faces and overcomes challenges, The Fight Within tells a story of courage, hope, love, and faith.”

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