The Logical Impossibility of Transgenderism

By Jack Wilkie

The NCAA recently announced that they would be boycotting North Carolina for their major sporting events to protest the state’s law that demands people use bathrooms that correspond with their biological gender. While we’ve seen these kinds of boycotts before, the searing irony/hypocrisy of this particular case is that the NCAA still has maintained a separation between men’s and women’s sports. Though they’re beginning to let transgender athletes compete on the team of their choice, they still maintain a clear line between men’s and women’s sports. The Duke men’s basketball team won’t be facing the North Carolina women’s basketball team, for example. But somehow the NCAA aren’t being called hateful bigots. Why not? Because, as much as today’s PC police hate to admit it, there is a difference between men and women.

You can do everything in your power to be perfectly politically correct and to align yourself with all of the moral flavors of the day, but you’re eventually going to run face first into an unavoidable, unmovable wall of truth. Pretending it isn’t there isn’t going to change anything. Men are men. Women are women. All the protests in the world aren’t going to change that. But that won’t stop millions of people from demanding that everyone play along with this idea that gender and sexual morality are up to individual interpretation, because that’s the world we now inhabit.

The lesson that has to be taken from every such news headline is this: beliefs have consequences. The last two generations have been taught to believe that truth is relative to the individual, which created a world where individuals can decide their own gender and people will trip all over the basic tenets of logic to get in line with what they’re told. People often talk about the narcissism that’s rampant in today’s world… what else would you expect when you tell people that they are their own gods?

Proverbs repeatedly tried to warn us about this by reminding us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Unless we recognize God as the only truth giver and the king of everything, then we as humans get to make the rules. And, as we’ve seen, that leaves far too many hopeless dead ends for logic and morality. Humans are neither good enough nor smart enough to make their own rules.

The question remains, then – what beliefs are we accepting? What beliefs are you letting your children be taught? The things we believe today will radically alter society in the not-too-distant future. Just 10 years ago, transgenderism was pretty much off of the national radar, but moral relativism was already so entrenched that transgenderism was met with little resistance when its time came. Many of the nation’s people and institutions simply responded as they had been trained to respond, by refusing to question relative claims of truth. Until we get back to that fear of God and start helping people see that there is an objective standard, the descent into madness will continue on. God help us.

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