The Moral Outcry Petition Endorses Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker’s Call to Reverse Roe V. Wade

The Moral OutcryBy Allan E. Parker


SAN ANTONIO, Texas. – “As the leaders and founders of The Moral Outcry Petition, we join with over 100,000 other signers to agree with Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker ‘s call to the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse its abortion cases.


“Adoption and Safe Haven laws are a far more humane, just and better solution for everyone than abortion. We adopted our infant son, Gideon, as a tiny embryo. We placed him in my wife, Mindy’s womb. The doctors knew as an embryo that he was a boy. We love this little human,” says Melinda & Denny Thybault.


“It is time to give Roe v. Wade some ‘R and R.’ That means Re-evaluation and Reversal,” according to Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation and attorney for The Moral Outcry Petition.


The Moral Outcry Petition with over 100,000 signers is also asking the United States Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade in an appropriate case. See There are five major reasons for doing so under the “Law of Judicial Precedent” which justify reversal:


  1. Abortion is a Crime against Humanity, which occurs when a government withdraws legal protection from a “class” of human beings.
  2. There is amazing new evidence that Life Begins at Conception.
  3. There is new evidence that Abortion Hurts Women.
  4. Now, no woman has to have an abortion to be free from the burden of unwanted child care through the nation’s Safe Haven laws. See
  5. There are a million people waiting to adopt healthy newborn children.


The major factual and legal change since 1992, when the Court last evaluated Roe, is that if Roe v. Wade were reversed today, no woman would have to get an abortion to be free of the burden of child care. If she does not want to care for a child, or she doesn’t think she can take care of a child, she can turn the baby over to the state within a set period of time after birth under every state’s law and the state will take care of the child. All 50 states have such a law. See


Safe Haven is totally free as opposed to an abortion. It is equally available to the rich and poor. There is no need for coat hanger abortions. There will be no going back to 1973. What will happen to those children if mothers give them to the government? A million people in the United States are waiting to adopt healthy newborn infants. So this would be a win-win for society. Justice for the child, mercy for the mother, and loving homes provided by people who are desperate to have children. What a wonderful solution! It is time to move forward and reverse Roe v. Wade and allow the states that desire to do so, to ban abortion.


See the petition at or call 210-614-7157 for additional Info.

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