The New Yorker’s Weird Obsession With ‘Preacher’s Kid,’ ‘Conservative Christian’ Sanders

By Scott WhitlockThe New Yorker’s Weird

Just 45 words into a 9,000 word, 18-page profile of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the obsession of The New Yorker becomes clear: The White House Press Secretary is a “conservative Christian.” In the story, the faith of Sanders is dissected and mentioned over and over again by writer Page Williams in the September 24, 2018 issue. If that wasn’t creepy enough, Williams repeatedly felt the need to call out just who happens to be a Christian within the Trump administration.

After the first paragraph notes that Sanders is a “conservative Christian,” Williams waits two more paragraphs to underline: “Sanders, who is thirty-six, is what is sometimes called a P.K. —a preacher’s kid.”

Later, readers are told that “like Sanders, Vice-President Mike Pence is also a heartland Christian.” Mind reading, the journalist declared, “Sanders’s briefings offer repeated confirmation to Trump’s base that the U.S. government is being run by Christians standing up to condescending Beltway insiders.”

Get it? Christians, they’re everywhere. Eventually, Williams just put the issue front and center, demanding:

I asked Sanders how she, as a Christian, reconciles her religious beliefs with her support for Trump—a man whose Presidency has been imperilled, in part, by his payment of hush money to a porn star with whom he allegedly committed adultery. Instead of a searching answer, she gave me what has become a pat rationalization of many American evangelicals.

Oh and did you know this fun fact? Sanders is a Christian. If you’ve made it this far in the almost 10,000-word tome, you’ll sense a theme:

The church is an affiliate of Hillsong, the global megachurch that teaches creationism and intelligent design. Sanders, when asked if she shared these views, said, “I believe in the Bible.” She told me that her pro-life views are “non-negotiable,” and added, “One of the things that makes Americans unique is that we value life. We think each life has intrinsic value and worth, whether you are a baby in the womb or an elderly woman.”

This is the apparently dangerous information The New Yorker’s Twitter page decided to highlight:

Later, Mike Pompeo gets a mention. Guess what detail about him is emphasized? That’s right. The Secretary of State “is also a devout Christian.”

As the article finally drew to a close, readers were informed: “Conservative Christians, determined to keep Republicans in power, are planning their largest voter-mobilization effort yet.”

Swap out Christianity with another ethnic or religious group. Do you think referencing it SO many times in an article would escape complaint from liberals?

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