The Truth Is Not In Them

The Truth Is Not In Them

By Lee Duigon

When I was a newspaper reporter, the reporters I reported with were a skeptical and contentious bunch. They took nobody’s word for anything, and whatever any public figure said to them, they checked it out to see if it were true. If someone said the sky is blue, you can be sure that someone at the press table would say “Green!”

But this was local news, far removed from The New York Times—whose man in Moscow, Walter Duranty, spent the 1930s cranking out rose-colored fairy tales about the workers’ paradise presided over by his hero, Josef Stalin: and won a Pulitzer Prize for it, too. Even back then, truth was not a priority with the Big Nooze Media. But for us locals, it was.

Last week the Associated Press came out with new style guidelines urging news writers to “avoid making references in news stories that suggest there are only two sexes in the human race,” and never to use the words “either” or “both” when writing about the sexes.

And everyone climbed merrily aboard the transgender express, and nowhere was heard a discouraging word.

What happened to all the skepticism? At the very least, this is a highly controversial subject. Where’s the dissent? I don’t know how many reporters and editors are employed by the Big Nooze Media, but it must be thousands—and they’re all in lock-step, and no one dares to ask a question? Since when do news reporters have nothing to say but “Yes, master”?

Observe how slavishly, and with what dreary uniformity, they toe the line. And it’s not just America’s Big Nooze Media. In a recent article in Britain’s Daily Mail, the writer gushed over the story of a “man” in Ohio—that is, an intensely disturbed woman who says she is a man – “giving birth to his”— his! — “own daughter”. The article teems with writing that has not an iota of truth in it: “a man who was born a woman… Who still had his”— his!—“female reproductive organs.”

It is supposedly the function of the news media to give us information. Today they give us lies—and lunacy. Why?

Turn to the Bible, to John 8:40-47. Jesus, realizing that the Pharisees He was talking to refuse to believe Him—in spite of the miraculous works of healing He has done, for everyone to see, in spite of the witness of John the Baptist, in spite of the testimony of the ancient prophets who wrote of Him—concludes that these men are spiritually wedded to a lie.

Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him… He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.”

These lies are weapons in a spiritual warfare waged by Satan against the human race. It doesn’t matter that most, if not all, of the purveyors of the lies don’t believe in the devil: Old Nick is in full LMAO mode, watching them carry out his rebellion against God’s created order. “Hey! If we can overthrow that whole ‘male and female created He them’ thing, we’ll have proved there is no God! And then we can really get things done!”

What may seem to be just an idiotic assertion that there are all these extra sexes floating around, when everybody knows there are only two, is more than that. What happens when people have learned to be afraid to speak the truth? When at the very least they give lip service to the lies, because they don’t want to be called “biggit, biggit, biggit” or “trans-phobe”? When it becomes just so much easier, so much less troublesome, to give up and go along with all of this, regardless of the cost to one’s integrity or self-respect?

I don’t think I want to see what happens then: and may God Himself defend us from it.

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