This is Our Last Chance

   By Rob Pue – Editor Wisconsin Christian News


I have a deep feeling of foreboding — and serious impending doom, as the full wrath of God’s judgment is unleashed upon the world — and AMERICA — very soon now.  UNLESS America and the WORLD repents (and quickly), I see no way of avoiding it, and no reason God would put up with all this much longer.


This may surprise some of you, but I will tell you that I do NOT believe in a pre-tribulation “Rapture.”  I believe ALL of us — ‘REMNANT’ Christians included — will be going through and enduring the Great Tribulation that is coming.  All one must do is recall the lives of Jesus’ disciples, and how they ended; or read Foxes Book of Martyrs, to see that all through history, those who held fast to their faith in Christ have ALWAYS endured great persecution.  Are WE so special that we would escape the coming wrath? Indeed, we are perhaps the most wicked generation that has ever lived, since the days of Noah.   And persecution of TRUE Christ-followers is coming — persecution unlike anything the world has ever seen before, or will ever see again.  But as Jesus said, “all those who endure until the end will be saved.”  However, the COWARDLY and the UNBELIEVING will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God, as we know from the book of Revelation.


I will not to get into a debate of WHEN the Lord’s return will be, or whether or not the “rapture” will take us all out of here before, during or after the Great Tribulation.  What I have learned from my own study of Scriptures may differ from the popular opinion of many of today’s preachers.  But if you want to go deeper into a study of this, study for yourself WHEN and HOW the doctrine of a pre-tribulation “rapture” came to be.  It is a fairly RECENT doctrine, but is now taught by MOST evangelical leaders and preachers.  I can only say, read also the book of Jude and know that the Bible clearly warns that false teachers will creep in “unawares,” and we are commanded to earnestly contend for the faith — the TRUE faith — and not follow the invented doctrines of men.  And if you would like more Scripture, simply read the sequence of events as described by Jesus in Matthew 24…. and again, “those who endure ‘til the end, will be saved.”


We are in the midst, right now, of the Great Falling Away.  Truly, I’ve never seen anything like it.  On nearly a daily basis now, we are seeing those who had been professing Christians — and I’m talking about well known, INFLUENTIAL Christian LEADERS — falling away, renouncing their faith, embracing apostasy and influencing OTHER church-goers to follow their new doctrines of “enlightenment.”  And we know that the Day of the Lord will NOT come until the Great Falling Away comes first.  Folks, it is HERE, now.


I truly believe that right now, TODAY, is really our LAST chance to avoid God’s terrible wrath.  And for those with money to invest, you might consider investing NOW in “millstones,” because our children’s hearts, minds and souls are being corrupted and destroyed like never before.  As we look around, it doesn’t take much effort to see that.  ANTIFA (which stands for “anti-fascist” — an obvious and deliberate misnomer) is STILL very active — and the majority of ANTIFA members are young people — middle school, high school and college-age students, whose minds have been grotesquely twisted by the public education system.  And this has been in the works for decades, an agenda deliberately set in motion YEARS ago by socialists and communists bent on the destruction of America.


This is our LAST chance BECAUSE I do not believe we will see another generation after this one with the freedoms we still enjoy and take for granted.  This is IT, folks.  The kids in the public schools and colleges are clueless as to our history, and more importantly, TOTALLY CLUELESS regarding the things of God.  Because their PARENTS are equally clueless, and these kids, for the MOST part are being raised in Godless homes by Godless parents.  Even if they DO go to a church faithfully, they are NOT getting the REAL truth of Scripture, and the parents have turned the spiritual education of their children over to milquetoast, effeminate, cowardly church leaders who give “feel good” self-help talks and embrace “social justice,” but do NOT preach the real Word of God anymore.  They preach “another gospel,” — one that does not offend, one that says “God loves you just the way you are, one that says you can continue in sin and feel “good” about that because we are now under “hyper-grace,” and repentance and faith have become irrelevant.


Now, I know there ARE some very good and Godly parents out there, raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, but these are very FEW indeed.  Likewise, there ARE some very good pastors and church bodies out there that DO still hold fast to the WHOLE counsel of GOD.  But only a remnant, and the “remnant” is VERY SMALL.


Likewise, pastors, churches and parents have turned the “education” of children over to the Almighty State — the Public Indoctrination Centers, which we KNOW are now run by Leftists, Socialists, Communists and One World/New World Order adherents — with a wicked, demonic, secular humanist worldview and agenda.  Hear me now:  our CHURCHES embrace and endorse the Public Indoctrination Centers.  Today’s parents have accepted the public education system as the “norm” and are, for the most part, completely tuned out as to what their children are actually learning in “school” now.


Well, let me share with you what they are learning.  Here is a list of things I came across recently.  I don’t know the author of this list, so I’m not able to give credit where it is due for this compilation.  But regardless, it’s all very true.  The list is extensive, so let’s go take a look.  In the “public schools” and “colleges,” your children will learn:


God did not create the world.  History is not “HIS story.”  Fornication is to be encouraged, as long as you do it “safely.”  Abortion is a good way to fornicate without having to take care of the children produced.  Drugs are bad, the schools say — but drugs are also GOOD, their fellow students say.  Today’s children in public schools will also learn disrespect, promiscuity, and something called “Reverse Porn.”  This is where female students acquire a desire to be lusted after, and so they dress and act and portray themselves accordingly.  They’ll also learn how to become easy targets for sexual abuse.


They’ll learn that human beings are NOT made in God’s image; we evolved from apes and are equal in value to animals.  They will learn immaturity and entitlement, but they will NOT learn personal responsibility.  They will learn to idolize sports, worldly music and other forms of entertainment.  They will learn all about sodomy and be told that it is just another “alternative lifestyle,” based on “love,” equally valid to the sanctity of God-ordained “marriage,” and be encouraged to try it out for themselves, because it JUST MAY be “RIGHT for THEM.”


They will learn to embrace feminism.  They will be purposely confused regarding gender roles, (and their own gender identities) and encouraged to accept “transgenderism,” even to the point of bodily mutilation.  They’ll learn deviant sexual practices so grotesque they cannot be described here.  Of course, they’ll learn that it’s acceptable to fornicate with both boys and girls — regardless of their own biological genders.  They’ll learn that it’s ok for boys to dress like girls and girls to dress like boys, and for boys to use the girls’ restrooms and shower facilities if they so choose.  They’ll also learn to use their cell phones for “sexting.”


They’ll learn that demanding home owners give up vast amounts of money to pay for other peoples’ childrens’ education, sports and extracurricular activities is an acceptable way of financing Government Indoctrination Centers — this is pure socialism, which has been accepted by the general populace now for decades.


They’ll learn that God’s law — the standard of morality, which has ALWAYS been the WORLD’S moral compass is immoral and WRONG — even ILLEGAL to discuss or display in public.  And of course, they will learn disdain for and disobedience to parents.


They will learn that America and it’s Constitution and it’s history is and always has been wicked and evil, and must be replaced, as soon as possible, with a one-world government.  They’ll learn that ALL the world’s religions — with the exception of Christianity — are all equally valid and true, with ISLAM being the number one “spiritual path” to embrace — followed closely by paganism, earth worship, new-ageism… but ultimately, they will learn there really IS no God, and therefore, no higher authority than the almighty State, which they will be taught to blindly obey.


Now MOST people — even most Christians — will CONTINUE to send their kids to these wicked indoctrination centers, even KNOWING all these things, because they are already PAYING for them with their property taxes (again, accepted socialism).  They will believe they cannot afford to home school or don’t have TIME to home school, and they’ll believe that even though their kids are being taught all this wickedness and all these lies, THEIR kids will be ok, because they’re being raised in a “Christian” home, and THEY will teach them the truth in their “spare time” at home.


Well, let me tell you — if that’s the case, you had BETTER be deadly SERIOUS about teaching them the truth at home, because they’re not going to learn it by “osmosis.”  And it’s going to take a LOT more than a busy parent’s “spare time” to correct all the mind-altering, soul-stealing indoctrination their heads and hearts are being filled with EVERY DAY — ALL DAY — in the public schools.  The average parent now spends less than two minutes a day in serious conversation with their own children.  HOW, I ask you, can you “undo” all the lies they’ve been taught when you never even talk to your kids about all this stuff — and when YOU YOURSELF are so “busy” that you, yourself are CLUELESS about all they’re being “taught?”  You don’t know — and let’s face it — you don’t WANT to know!  Parents’ priorities are so out of “whack” today, they’ll spend 4-8 HOURS a DAY with Facebook, TV sitcoms, beer drinking, sports and other entertainment, but less than 2 MINUTES training up their own children with the TRUTH of God’s Word and His natural order — instilling in them a Godly, CHRISTIAN worldview, that is more than the nonsense and fairy tales they get in Sunday School or Children’s Church.


We are in serious trouble, folks, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We are to “train up a child in the way he should go.”  As parents, we are COMMANDED to teach the things of God to our children DILIGENTLY!  God’s Word says, “talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down and when you rise.  You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”  (Deuteronomy 6).  I dare say, most of us do NONE of these things.  Teach our children “DILIGENTLY?”  “Oh, my goodness, we just don’t have time…. gotta check my Facebook!”


Yes, the Great Falling Away has begun.  Our Christian “leaders” are falling away into apostasy and lies.  Wisdom has fallen in the streets.  People no longer desire the truth, but are satisfied with sound bytes and “memes,” “fake news,” and a powerless form of religion that makes them feel good, but in many cases, is not just powerless — but deadly falsehood.


The UN recently stated that it plans to see a “One World Government” in full operation in less than 12 years.  So that would mean just one — POSSIBLY two — socialist so-called “presidents” in the White House, and our nation’s sovereignty will be no more.  I cannot even IMAGINE where this world will be 12 years from now if we continue on this trajectory.   And our young people — the “leaders” of tomorrow (and “tomorrow” is coming faster than you understand) — are all “on board” with this and will be leading the way.


As lawlessness increases, the love of many will grow cold.  We have become a nation of people without natural affection… we no longer even have affection or true love for our own precious babies and children.  We have blind guides leading the blind, tickling their ears with lies.  And we are a nation that embraces all things evil, and vilifies everything good and Godly.  How long do YOU think we have before the full fury of God’s wrath is poured out?  EVERY competent Bible prophecy teacher I know of believes we have less than five years before that happens.  Less than five years.  Let that sink in.


Equally sad to all I’ve just talked about is the fact that so MANY professing Christians are actually HAPPY about all this.  Because they’ve been taught that the worse things get, the closer we will be to Jesus’ return.  Well, yes, that is true.  But KNOW THIS:  when Jesus returns, He is NOT coming back as a meek, humble servant who just “loves” everyone just the way they are!  He is coming back with FURY and WRATH.  He is coming back with a SWORD.  And MANY there will be who will stand before His Holy Throne and because of what they DID NOT DO — because of what they were “too busy” to do — because they were so COWARDLY — because of what they REFUSED to do TODAY —  because they did not invest their talents as wise stewards and OCCUPY until His return, STANDING UP, holding fast, and SPEAKING UP for God’s Word and Truth, MANY who are SO excited for Christ’s return will hear those awful words: “Depart from me, you workers of iniquity.  I never knew you!”


And there will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth….  Heed my words today, people.  Take this seriously.  Because seriously, this IS our LAST chance.

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