Trail Mix for the Soul

By Rev. Doug Forbes


The book “Trail Mix for the Soul” will provide daily snacks for your spiritual journey through life.  This wonderful devotional guide was written by Dr. Leonard Allred, one of our favorite college professors, and it will provide you with a special word of encouragement and a spiritual blessing each day for an entire year.  This book relates the Bible to the real world in a way that you never would have thought possible.  Dr. Allred has a deep love for God, his friends and people of all backgrounds, and this love comes through in each page of his book.

Trail Mix for the SoulDr. Allred is one of the most spiritual teachers of our day and his well-organized insights into the Bible and God’s great love will lift your spirits in a whole new way.  Some of the devotionals in this book include:  “It’s me and I’m scared to death,” “When God’s plan doesn’t seem to make any sense,” God doesn’t make junk,” “The God of second chances,” (Where he says that he is working on chance #83,974,125,960.), “Heaven’s menu for healthy mind” and “Love beats knowledge every time.”

Dr. Allred has been a teacher, mentor and friend to me, my wife Kathy and to thousands of others.  I would encourage you to take a little time to let Dr. Allred do the same for you through this terrific book.  I believe that it will enrich you soul, your life, your family and your world.

You can purchase “Trail Mix for the Soul” at your favorite Christian bookstore, at or you can borrow my copy.


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