Two Actors Film Actual Wedding in their New Movie “The Farmer and the Belle”

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Chickamauga, GA. (ANS) – Jim E. Chandler and Jenn Gotzon were married recently on the movie set of “The Farmer and The Belle.”

The best part is that it was shot on Chandler’s century-old family farm and their actual wedding ceremony footage will be used for the closing credits of their family Christmas comedy movie.

The ceremony kiss will close the picture and was designed to add to its fun film trivia. Along with ongoing moments of frivolity and hilarity in both the ceremony and reception, accompanied by Christmas caroling magic, were created to be the highlight of the film’s end credit scroll.

According to a news release, the The Farmer and The Belle was inspired by Chandler and Gotzon’s real life love story and is a family Christmas comedy movie about a NYC supermodel (Gotzon Chandler) searching for her mojo on a pig farm (owned by Chandler) over a Thanksgiving weekend.

Set in the American Deep South, complete with chickens, cows, pigs, and even a horse dressed in a pink onesie, the film plays off the child’s popular nursery rhyme, “The Farmer in the Dell.” The news release goes on to say that the movie is being created to become the newest Thanksgiving tradition to usher in the holiday season.

One of the themes of this family Christmas movie is about a Biblical world-view of real love, based on the Song of Solomon. The story is shared between the farmer (Chandler of “Stranger Things”) and his belle (Gotzon of Tricia Nixon fame in Ron Howard’s Oscar-nominated “Frost/Nixon”).

It is the first film simultaneously starring, and being produced, by the two newlyweds. This new family Christmas comedy trend goes into principal photography this fall starring Jenn Gotzon Chandler (2 Oscar-Nominated Films) and Jim E. Chandler (ID Network Fan Favorite).

The Farmer and The Belle” is also produced by Isaac Hernandez (Parables TV) and is presently slated to hit theatres during Thanksgiving 2018.

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