UN hit list can bypass Congress and fund Trump border wall

By David SingerUN hit list

21 Nations that received almost $14 billion in US foreign aid in 2017 could become the key to unlocking the White House confrontation between President Trump and Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over their refusal to commit the Democrats to authorizing Congress to commit $5 billion immediately towards the construction of Trump’s border wall to prevent illegal immigration into America.

Trump’s threatened Government shutdown by December 21st has been withdrawn as he seeks alternative sources of funding.

The following UN hit list offers a ready solution:

Country US Aid 2017

Bangladesh $261 million

Congo $494 million

Egypt $1475 million

Indonesia $277 million

Iraq $3712 million

Jordan $1489 million

Lebanon $505 million

Mali $230 million

Morocco $490 million

Mozambique $580 million

Niger $173 million

Nigeria $852 million

Pakistan $837 million

Russia $168 million

Senegal $197 million

South Africa $511 million

Turkey $153 million

Vietnam $150 million

Yemen $595 million

Zambia $419 million

Zimbabwe $194 million

TOTAL $13762 Million

These 21 states were major players in humiliating Trump – when an American sponsored resolution in the United Nations General Assembly seeking to condemn Hamas and other militant groups for indiscriminately targeting Israel’s predominantly Jewish civilian population since 2007 failed to secure the required two-third’s majority earlier determined as necessary for its passage.

Trump has warned on many occasions that those who receive money from America—yet do not support America diplomatically—stand to lose financially as a result. Trump has already well and truly practiced what he preached:

Defunding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency of $360 million annually

Withdrawing from UNESCO leaving it to fund the 22% of its budget lost as a result

Calling on NATO countries to meet their agreed share of the NATO budget

Cutting more than $200 million in funding the Palestine Liberation Organisation

Trump has already ominously warned those countries that humiliated him on the Hamas Resolution that they could be in the firing line for reductions in their annual foreign aid as a result of not voting with America.

This threat becomes increasingly more likely as the Democrats dig in their heels and refuse to give the President the $5 billion he needs to build the border wall—one of the President’s cardinal promises made in the 2016 election campaign that has been frustrated by the Democrats from the day Trump became President.

Trump should be readily able to determine how $5 billion of this $14 billion funding to these recalcitrant states can be redirected to building the border wall. Trump can also look at defunding:

Another 54 recipients of US aid that supported a two-thirds majority vote being required on the Hamas resolution over America’s claim that a simple majority only was necessary and an additional 36 similarly US-funded countries that voted against condemning Hamas on the actual motion.

Jordan and Egypt—in addition to not voting with America—apparently continue to resist Trump’s efforts to replace the Palestine Liberation Organisation in negotiations with Israel on Trump’s peace proposals. Their aid could be substantially reduced by a clearly-piqued and very angered Trump.

The ball is now well and truly in the Democrats hands. If the President does not secure the border wall funding from Congress—then those countries that humiliated Trump could well see their foreign aid in 2019 slashed from their 2017 levels.

Trump is determined to protect America against illegal immigration—and no one will be allowed to stand in his way of making America great again.

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