Unshaken – Standing Strong in Uncertain Times


By Diane Morrow

CORSICANA, Texas — A brief glance at the headlines on any given day is enough to make anyone unsettled, frustrated, or down right scared of what might happen next. Horrific acts of terrorism, destruction wrought by natural disaster, and economic volatility in world markets are just a few of the headlines that are becoming common in the daily news reports.

“As I speak with people around the world, I see more and more believers becoming either paralyzed by fear of the times or by apathy (just waiting for Jesus to return), or caught up in frustration, blame, and anger because of the unrelenting turbulence and uncertainty in the world and their private lives,” states Jeanne Nigro, author of UNSHAKEN: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times (Destiny Image – October 2016).

Instead of focusing on the doom and gloom of the usual end-time fare or attempting to navigate the milieu of theological positions on the subject, Jeanne offers anchors for the soul to keep believers standing strong as lights for God in these uncertain times.

Even if we lay aside the idea of a global meltdown for a moment and simply take a look behind the closed doors of the average American home, it won’t be surprising to find an environment that is equally as unstable. On a nightly basis, evening television chips away at moral values that once served as a strong foundation for a great nation. Mom and Dad are stretched to the max trying to juggle responsibilities at work and home. Tensions are high as well as debts. Cancer, diseases, and new viruses threaten our lives each day. Many are living life on the edge and know that it could all come tumbling down with the slightest unexpected and unplanned intrusion into their fragile world.

With an unwavering belief that personal intimacy with God is the #1 anchor for our souls, Nigro provides not only encouragement, but practical steps for individuals to deepen their relationship with God, as well as an action plan for what they can do now in a world that seems so out of control.

UNSHAKEN will lead the reader to the very heart of God, empowering them to not just survive, but to thrive, walking on the water with Jesus and experiencing His abundant life regardless of the storm that rages around them.

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