VeggieTales in the House – VIDEO REVIEW


By Rev. Doug Forbes

The folks at VeggieTales have hit another home run with “VeggieTales in the House” available on DVD and NetFlix. This new DVD offers eight short videos including: Puppies and Guppies, Junior gets a Pet, The Guppy Whisperer, Cool as a Cucumber, Laura at Bat, Popcorntastrophe, Junior Jet Pack and Larry’s cardboard Thumb.  There are also four new sing along songs that are sure to delight younger viewers.

This new program is long on fun with very gentle morals and positive thoughts woven into each episode.  I highly recommend this series for all ages, and it is perfect for a family film night.  All you need is popcorn!

My children and grandchildren love VeggieTales. Our daughters attended VeggieTales events in college and our grandchildren always ask us to play a favorite episode when they visit.

Our youngest grandchildren really enjoy visiting “VeggieTales Heaven,” which is located at your favorite Christian bookstore.  The big box stores usually carry the latest VeggieTales video, but your local Christian bookstore has them all. They also sell VeggieTales toys, books, stickers, games, cards and everything else Veggie.

The big box stores are nice, but sometimes it’s better to shop small and local.  We love going to local toy and candy stores where we often find that special and unique gift.

I would encourage you to try out the new VeggieTales series whether on DVD or Netflix.  It’s time well spent learning positive values in a very fun way!

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