Videos of Christians Forgiving Islamic State Go Viral in the Arab World

By Dan Wooding

CAIRO, EGYPT (ANS) – An extraordinary series of videos of Christians forgiving Islamic State have gone viral in the Arab world.

SAT-7 Egypt Director sees the impact of the “Resistance through forgiveness” videos of a 10-year-old Iraqi displaced by Islamic State (IS/ISIS) and of a brother of two Egyptian laborers beheaded in Libya both voicing forgiveness for their persecutors have been watched by a million viewers and have drawn the attention of mainstream Arab media which rarely covers Christian news.

According to SAT-7, under the title Iraqi Girl Myriam Faces ISIS with Love, pan-Arab broadcaster Al Arabiya told how the clip of young refugee Myriam had spread via social media and was impressing ordinary viewers and media commentators.

Video's of ChristiansA columnist in the Lebanese newspaper Al Nahar said the SAT-7 interview with her “should be presented in Lebanese schools as a lesson in humanity.”

Farid Samir, Egypt director of Christian satellite channel SAT-7, which made both clips, said: “The massive interest in them shows the impact of “resisting violence through forgiveness.”

In her clip, Myriam says she “will ask God to forgive IS” and singing a worship song. It reached more than one million people and was watched by another 200,000 within 42 hours of appearing on the SAT-7 ARABIC Facebook page. Since then it’s been seen by more than one million viewers on SAT-7 web and social media pages alone.

The clip in which Egyptian Christian Beshir Kamel called a SAT-7 worship program and asked God to “open the eyes” of his brothers’ killers was watched by at least half a million people and shared on news sites around the world.

Farid Samir said, “These clips provide a counter-shock to the horrifying videos of killings that people receive on mainstream media and to their effect on viewers. Myriam’s and Beshir’s calls are a form of resistance through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the core of the Christian message and the core of the message of SAT-7 at a time when mainstream media avoids reporting on Christians.”

SAT-7 Founder and CEO Terrence Ascott added “In a climate in which world media has highlighted IS’ use of social media to recruit people set on violence and to document acts intended to spread terror, the SAT-7 clips spread a radically different message.”


Here’s the video!


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